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Donald Trump’s former attorney general William Barr to publish his memoirs

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William Barr, Donald Trump’s second attorney general and perceived “hatchet man” until he split from the former president over his lies about election fraud, will publish his memoirs in March. HarperCollins, the publ...

This is the action Britain must take to limit the damage of Omicron

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To call Omicron’s rise in the UK “precipitate” is to violently understate matters. Daily case counts have broken the record set just the day before over and over again. Yesterday they hit over 218,000. Amid such an as...

Follow the green leader: why everyone from Prince William to Jeff Bezos is looking to Costa Rica

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If there had been a popularity contest at Cop26, the Costa Rican president, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, would have been a clear winner. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeff Bezos, Boris Johnson and Prince William all wanted to speak ...

Omicron is spreading at an alarming rate, and there’s no solid evidence it’s ‘milder

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Once again we have seen a new variant of the Covid virus emerge, and health officials are warily eyeing the data from around the world. With Omicron, a key question is whether infections are as severe as those caused ...

Reporter denies William tacitly approved leak of Meghan bullying claims

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Allegations that the Duchess of Sussex had “bullied” two members of staff at Kensington Palace were “absolutely not” leaked with Prince William’s tacit approval, according to the journalist who reported them. The fina...

Aggiornamenti di notizie in diretta dall'Australia: Victoria reports five Covid deaths and 1,166 cases as protests expected to escalate; William Tyrrell search in sixth day

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New South Wales reports 182 new Covid cases and ACT 14; anti-fascist activists vow to counter-rally against another ‘freedom rallies’ they claim have been infiltrated by far-right groups

Madonna, drugs and helicopter-trained dogs: the dark, starry life of William Orbit

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There was a point in the early 00s when William Orbit was poised to go interstellar. He was one of the great pop architects of the Y2K era, the Mark Ronson or Jack Antonoff of his day. He produced Madonna’s Grammy-swe...

If Boris Johnson were a stock, canny investors would be looking to unload

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One of John Maynard Keynes’s most famous claims is that financial markets are driven by “animal spirits”. But Keynes’s reasoning is less well known. The danger of financial markets, he argued, is that traders aren’t f...

The Guardian view on William Blake’s cottage: don’t let it crumble

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Historic England has sounded an alarm. A cottage William Blake once lived in, in Felpham, West Sussex, is at risk of collapse. The poet and artist lived there for only three years, a partire dal 1800 per 1803, but during that t...

William Blake cottage at risk of being lost, says Historic England

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A 17th-century thatched cottage where William Blake wrote the words to Jerusalem, the hymn that has become a symbol of hope and patriotic pride, is at risk of being lost because of decay, Historic England has said. Bl...

‘What a fool’: fellow actors criticise William Shatner’s space flight

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The Star Trek actor William Shatner’s recent historic space flight saw him boldly go where some fellow actors refuse to follow, as the nonagenarian was labelled a “fool” for taking part in his record-breaking jaunt. D...

Prince William reveals Earthshot Prize winners in global bid to tackle climate crisis

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Celebrities have joined Prince William in London for the inaugural awards ceremony of his Earthshot Prize, an ambitious environmental program aimed at finding new ideas and technologies around the world to tackle the ...

principe William: le grandi menti dovrebbero concentrarsi sul salvataggio della Terra e non sui viaggi spaziali – video

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Il Duca di Cambridge ha criticato la corsa allo spazio e il turismo spaziale, dicendo che le più grandi menti del mondo devono invece concentrarsi sulla riparazione della Terra. In un'intervista con Newscast su BBC Sounds prima del suo premio Earthshot...

Prince William criticises space race and tourism’s new frontier

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Il Duca di Cambridge ha criticato la corsa allo spazio e il turismo spaziale, saying the world’s greatest minds need to focus on trying to fix the Earth instead. Prince William’s comments, in an interview with Newscast on BB...

‘Most profound experience’: William Shatner starstruck by encounter with space – video

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Actor William Shatner soared aboard a Blue Origin rocketship on a suborbital trip on Wednesday to become, at the age 90, the oldest person ever in space - an experience he called profound - as US billionaire businessm...

TV stasera: shines a torch on the extent of historical British racism

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While this entry-level crash course in Black British history might feel a little basic,’s frequent incredulity at the extent of historical (and current) British racism might well strike a few chords. He begi...

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