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‘Nobody cares I have nowhere to live’: wildland firefighters struggle with homelessness

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During his first season as a wildland firefighter with the Idaho Department of Land, Luke Meyer camped out in a decrepit building infested with rodents. Dit was 2017 and he was a 20-year-old rookie earning $11 an hour....

Wildland review: Evan Osnos on the America Trump exploited

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Ever since Donald Trump was inaugurated as president, bookstores have been flooded with volumes attempting to explain America’s unraveling. George Packer’s Last Best Hope, published earlier this year, provided one of ...

Burning out: the silent crisis spreading among wildland firefighters

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Llew had never been so certain of his imminent death. It was going to hurt. The wildfire in central Washington had already bested the firefighting crews that morning, forcing everyone to retreat to safety zones. Then...