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Javari valley: the lawless primal wilderness where Dom Phillips went missing

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In Brazil’s far west lies an immense swath of rainforest and rugged terrain reachable only by snaking brown rivers. Wedged alongside the border with Peru, the Javari valley is nearly the size of Portugal, and is the l...

Cima 10 wilderness stories

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The wilderness is commonly thought of as an environment that exists in opposition to human culture – a vast geographic ecosystem that has not been significantly altered or influenced by human activity. Precisely becau...

Pioneer or squatter? YouTuber’s cabin sparks fight over Canada’s wilderness

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As much of North America was locked down during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, Matty Clarke was in a boat full of supplies, motoring up the Yukon River. He was searching for wild lands where he could stri...

Antarctic visitors threaten world’s largest remaining wilderness

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The first Airbus A340 landed in Antarctica recently using an immense 10,000ft runway carved out of ice, designed to take tourist flights each carrying up to 380 pasajeros. Increasing numbers of visitors are threateni...

Out of Death review – Bruce Willis trudges through generic wilderness thriller

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Bruce Willis is trudging pretty wearily through the motions in this straight-to-digital-oblivion crime thriller, one of those strange films that actually begins with a sort of quasi-trailer, mood-montage of the film’s...

New oilfield in African wilderness threatens lives of 130,000 elephants

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Tens of thousands of African elephants are under threat from plans for a massive new oilfield in one of the continent’s last great wildernesses, los expertos han advertido. Campaigners and conservationists fear the proposed ...

Wilderness review – young loverslost weekend

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Here’s an interesting project from the film school at Falmouth University: a low-budget drama put together by four film-makers – including director Justin John Doherty and screenwriter Neil Fox, a Falmouth lecturer – ...

Liberal party faces up to 12 years in Western Australia wilderness after historic Labor landslide

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The Liberal party in Western Australia could face up to 12 years in opposition after a once-in-a-century wipeout that delivered Labor the biggest majority and the strongest two-party preferred result of any modern Aus...