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‘Sometimes you have to lose to win’: Wilder congratulates Fury for victory

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Deontay Wilder has congratulated Tyson Fury on his victory in Saturday night’s thrilling heavyweight championship rematch in Las Vegas. The American knockout artist, who lost by 11th-round knockout in a wildly enterta...

Tyson Fury calls opponent ‘weak’ as Deontay Wilder repeats cheating claims

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Tyson Fury labelled Deontay Wilder “weak” before a blazing argument erupted between the heavyweights at their final pre-fight press conference, leading to the traditional staredown being scrapped. Fury defends his WBC...

Deontay Wilder talks tough after brooding buildup to Tyson Fury fight

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“I see me beating him up and then knocking him out,” Deontay Wilder said in his Alabama drawl soon after he arrived in Las Vegas on Tuesday evening and looked ahead to his third world heavyweight title fight against T...

Fury v Wilder rematch postponed after Tyson Fury tests positive for Covid-19

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Tyson Fury’s world heavyweight title defence against Deontay Wilder, originally scheduled for 24 Julie, has officially been postponed after Fury tested positive for coronavirus. It was reported last week that Fury had ...

Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder III in doubt over Covid with statement due

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Tyson Fury’s world heavyweight title defence against Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas, due to be on 24 Julie, looks set to be postponed because of a coronavirus outbreak in the champion’s camp. A number of positive tests ar...

Associated Press vows to defend staff against online attacks after Emily Wilder firing

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Management at the Associated Press have told staff that they stand behind their decision to fire newly hired reporter Emily Wilder who was targeted by a Republican smear campaign regarding her pro-Palestinian advocacy...

Associated Press journalists condemn decision to fire Emily Wilder

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Journalists at the Associated Press published an open letter on Monday, decrying the decision to fire Emily Wilder, a young employee targeted by a Republican smear campaign regarding her pro-Palestinian advocacy while...

Fury concedes he might have to fight Wilder before Joshua after legal ruling

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Tyson Fury’s projected world heavyweight title fight against Anthony Joshua appears to have been plunged into doubt by a US legal ruling, with Fury conceding that he might now have fight Deontay Wilder first. Fury an...

Billy Wilder: from poor Austrian journalist to Hollywood superstar

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In an arresting scene from one of director Billy Wilder’s most famous films, Some Like It Hot, Marilyn Monroe sashays along a Chicago railway station platform in a figure-hugging outfit, leaving Jack Lemmon and Tony C...

Chris Wilder set to leave Sheffield United with club facing relegation

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Chris Wilder is set to depart as manager of Sheffield United after a tumultuous day at the Premier League’s bottom-placed club. Wilder was due to attend a press conference on Friday to preview Sunday’s league fixture ...

Chris Wilder latest, Premier League team news and more – live!

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