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La vedova del musicista fa causa alla BBC per la sua esposizione all'amianto in studio

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The BBC is being sued by the widow of a member of its symphony orchestra after he died from cancer caused by him playing in an asbestos-riddled corporation studio for decades. Patricia Larkin has launched legal action...

Widow denies organising murder of her British husband in Ukraine hit and run

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The widow of a wealthy British businessman killed in a hit and run in Ukraine as he celebrated his first wedding anniversary has denied organising his murder, un'inchiesta ascoltata. Barry Pring, 47, suffered fatal injuries...

Jeremy Heywood’s widow calls Greensill inquiry a ‘travesty’

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The widow of a former top civil servant who was heavily criticised in the government’s inquiry into the Greensill affair has described the process as a “travesty” set up to scapegoat him and “distract attention” from ...

Widow sues NHS over deaf husband’s ‘diabolicalcare

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Sheffield Teaching Hospitals trust is to review case of Ronnie Kelly, whose daughter was asked to translate his terminal diagnosis in sign languageA woman is taking legal action against an NHS trust over the “diabolic...

Scarlett Johansson critica l'"ipersessualizzazione" di Black Widow in Iron Man 2

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Scarlett Johansson si è espressa contro la sessualizzazione di Black Widow in Iron Man 2, il 2010 blockbuster in cui il suo personaggio è apparso per la prima volta nella serie Marvel Cinematic Universe. Parlando con Collider nel...

Haiti president’s widow suspects ‘oligarchs’ of organising his killing

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The widow of Haiti’s recently assassinated president has said she suspects his murder was engineered by wealthy Haitian “oligarchs” who have yet to be apprehended. Martine Moïse, who survived the 7 July assault in whi...

Scarlett Johansson settles Black Widow lawsuit with Disney

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Scarlett Johansson and Disney have settled their lawsuit over the former’s earnings from the Marvel superhero movie Black Widow, which Johansson initiated in July over what she claimed was a breach of contract after D...

La vedova di Jeremy Heywood mette in dubbio l'indipendenza del capo dell'inchiesta Greensill

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La vedova dell'uomo che era il più alto funzionario del Regno Unito durante i primi anni dello scandalo lobbistico di Greensill ha sollevato preoccupazioni sull'indipendenza del funzionario incaricato da Boris Johnson di condurre un'inchiesta i..

Noble false widow spider captures bat in UK attic

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Protected pipistrelle bats have been captured and fed on by a noble false widow spider, the first time the behaviour has been seen. The arachnids are thought to have been accidentally introduced to the UK from the Can...

Le donne affrontano violenze croniche nei "campi per vedove" in Siria, rapporto avverte

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Donne e bambini che vivono in alcuni dei campi più difficili da raggiungere nel nord-ovest della Siria affrontano livelli elevati e cronici di violenza e depressione, con alcune donne costrette a fare "sesso di sopravvivenza", un nuovo rapporto ha rivelato...

‘He was searching for beauty’: Roy DeCarava’s widow remembers a master photographer

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Once, when asked why his prints were so dark, Roy DeCarava replied, “I happen to believe that photography is not about black and white; it’s about greys.” At London’s David Zwirner gallery, the first UK exhibition of ...

Widow of man killed in Libya accuses South Africa of ‘silence’ in hunt for his body

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The widow of a British-based photographer who was murdered by Col Gaddafi’s forces in Libya in 2011 has accused South Africa of withholding crucial information about her husband’s death that could help in efforts to l...

US widow horrified as husband’s body donated to science is dissected publicly

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A decorated second world war and Korean war veteran who died of Covid-19 was dissected in front of a paying audience – without his widow’s knowledge. David Saunders died on 24 agosto, invecchiato 98. Sua moglie, Elsie Saunders...

‘I don’t want what happened to my husband happening to anyone else’: the widow campaigning for gambling law reform

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Nel 2019, Annie Ashton’s husband, Luke, closed all his online betting accounts. He confessed to her that he’d lost more money than they could afford and swore his gambling days were over. “Luke said he wouldn’t gamble ...