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Tesco faces ‘stock shortage’ as threat of strike action widens

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The risk that Tesco will be severely hit by strike action in the crucial pre-Christmas period has escalated dramatically, after the number of distribution centres facing staff walkouts more than tripled to 13 – more t...

Drone search widens for dogs trapped by La Palma eruption

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Drone operators on the Canary island of La Palma have launched a high-stakes effort to search for and retrieve at least four dogs who have been stranded for weeks by the continuing volcanic eruption. The eruption – wh...

New Zealand widens Covid lockdown as Delta spreads outside Auckland

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New Zealand’s Delta Covid variant outbreak has spread beyond Auckland, prompting the prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, to put additional regions into a snap lockdown. Daar was 32 new coronavirus cases on Sunday in the...

EU widens Belarus sanctions to make Lukashenko regime ‘run dry’

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The European Union has extended sanctions against Belarus, with pledges to make Alexander Lukashenko’s regime “run dry”, following last month’s forced landing of a Ryanair flight to arrest a dissident. EU foreign mini...

Keiko Fujimori claims ‘irregularities’ as rival widens narrow lead in Peru presidential election

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Keiko Fujimori, one of the two candidates fighting vote by vote for the presidency of Peru, has alleged fraud and irregularities in the count of Sunday’s election as her rival leftist teacher Pedro Castillo widens a n...