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Child obesity linked to England’s widening health disparities, lo studio trova

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Hundreds of thousands of children in England are growing up overweight or obese because of widening health disparities across the country, analysis suggests. Child obesity has proliferated in recent years for a variet...

Turkey’s move to expel ambassadors over activist’s jailing risks widening rift with west

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A decision by the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to declare 10 ambassadors – including those from seven Nato allies – as persona non grata threatens to open the biggest rift with the west during his two deca...

Patel faces widening revolt over policing bill’s restrictions on protest

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The home secretary, Priti Patel, is facing a growing revolt in parliament and the country over plans to restrict the fundamental right to protest, as controversial legislation that would increase police powers enters ...

Wishful thinking will not close Britain’s widening inequality gap

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Optimism helps get us through tough times, and the Covid pandemic has had plenty of those. The recent reopening of the UK economy has provided grounds for optimism, with firms hiring at a swift pace. But wishful think...

FBI raid exposes Giuliani and signals widening criminal search, dicono gli esperti

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The extraordinary FBI raid on Rudy Giuliani’s New York apartment and office has sparked debate about what criminal charges Giuliani may face, and signals a widening criminal investigation into his Ukraine drive to hel...