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Max Whitlock retains his Olympic title with pommel horse gold for Team GB

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Max Whitlock has remarkably defended his Olympic gold medal on the pommel horse, outclassing the field with a score of 15.583. Whitlock is the first man in more than 30 years to retain a pommel horse title at the Game...

Max Whitlock: ‘You’ve got 60 seconds and it’s done – you don’t get a second chance’

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The last time Max Whitlock competed in a major final with a medal on the line, disaster nearly struck. Whitlock started his routine on the pommel horse final at the 2019 world championships as he always does, lifting ...

Max Whitlock to lead young GB men’s gymnastics team at Tokyo Olympics

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Max Whitlock will lead the Great Britain men’s gymnastics team in Tokyo as he aims to become the fourth man in history to successfully defend an Olympic pommel horse title. The 28-year-old veteran is joined in the fou...