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Victoria Coren Mitchell: ‘I’m not at all competitive, which surprises people’

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Victoria Coren Mitchell was born and went to school in Hammersmith, west London. She is the younger sister of the restaurant critic Giles Coren. After studying English at Oxford University, she became a writer, presen...

Lidl Tories vs Waitrose Tories: which shop best represents the Conservative soul?

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Naam: Lidl Tories. Ouderdom: Emerged over the past two years. Voorkoms: Fickle and down-vested. What do they want? Low taxes, cheap shiraz, free trade, competitively priced car mats. When do they want it? While stocks l...

Watter sokkerspanne kan reis onderbreek deur by 'n ander land se liga aan te sluit?

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'Wat reis betref , watter spanne met die beste vlug sal beter vaar as hulle in 'n ander land speel?”Vra Mike Wood. "Byvoorbeeld, sou Newcastle 'n korter gemiddelde terugreis na die meeste Skotse Premier -spanne hê as ....

Florida Tesla crash which killed two will be investigated by federal board

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Federal authorities will investigate a fiery car crash which killed two people in a Tesla in Florida last week. The National Transportation Safety Board announced on Twitter it would send three investigators to look ...

Which countries are enforcing mandatory Covid jabs – and how?

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Following the decision by the US president, Joe Biden, to introduce a vaccine mandate for millions of workers, and the UK’s decision to row back on its push to require vaccine passports for nightclubs and other crowde...

Hoe besluit u watter sokkerspan u as neutraal sal ondersteun??

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Vir my, 11 Julie 2021 sal in die geskiedenis opgaan. Nie as die datum van die Engelse mans se voetbalspan se eerste groot eindstryd sedertdien nie 1966, maar die eerste keer as volwassene het ek Engeland ondersteun in 'n groot toernooi. Sedert 1980, Ek ...

Readers reply: which sport gives you the best all-round skill set?

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Which sport gives you the best all-round skill set/fitness regime? James Bunwell, Droitwich Spa Send new questions to No sport demands as much endurance and athleticism as Ultimate Frisbee. Richar...

Time to find out which Premier League overhauls have worked out

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It is always an exciting time at the start of a season when new players and managers intrigue fans and pundits with their potential for excitement and change. Some clubs have made big alterations to their squads, whil...

Which countries are vaccinating minors against Covid?

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Reports suggest the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation will soon authorise Covid jabs for 16- and 17-year olds, while continuing to limit shots for 12- to 15-year-olds to the clinically vulnerable or...

Which racehorses are named after footballers – and what’s the best XI?

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“There was a horse called Zlatan running at Ascot. Is it possible to make a starting XI from racehorses named after footballers? And what would be the best team?” asks George Jones. Jonathan Bartley has covered a furl...

Which sport gives you the best all-round skill set?

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Which sport gives you the best all-round skill set/fitness regime? James Bunwell, Droitwich Spa Post your answers (and new questions) below or send them to A selection will be published on Sunday.

Labour calls on Tories to reveal which ministers met elite donors’ club

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The Conservatives must publish the names of all ministers who secretly met an elite group of party donors, Labour has said. The party is facing questions over the conduct of the party’s co-chair, Ben Elliot, the nephe...

Tim Dowling: which courgette is the evil poisoner, yellow or green?

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Three days after I poisoned myself and my family with homegrown toxic courgettes, I still don’t feel right. I can’t face pulling up six plants and disposing of them, partly because my stomach still pitches and rolls a...

Which Olympic sport should you tune into? – an interactive quiz

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The Olympics are upon us and even if there are no fans at the stadiums this year due to Covid-19, there are more than 300 events to watch on TV from the comfort of your sofa. Of course, you may have minor things like ...

Which football managers have crossed acrimonious derby divides?

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“Former Liverpool manager Rafa Benítez’s appointment at Everton was surprising. Is there a more jaw-dropping example of a manager crossing an acrimonious derby divide (perhaps even directly)?” asks George Jones. Andy ...

Peppa Pig or Boris Johnson? I know which one best represents Britain

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Looks like the sun hasn’t quite set on the British empire. While Britain may not wield the influence it once did, we still have some soft – and rather stout – power. We have Peppa Pig. While the cartoon has always bee...

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