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The Guardian view on a hidden history of poetry: it depends where you look

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Think of ancient Greek verse and what often springs to mind are those great beacons of literary achievement, the epics of Homer, the odes of Pindar, the dramas of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, the lyrics of Sapp...

Where did the $5tn spent on Afghanistan and Iraq go? Here’s where

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While Washington bickers about what, if anything, has been achieved after 20 years and nearly $5tn spent on “forever wars”, there is one clear winner: the US defense industry. In Iraq and Afghanistan, the American mi...

Thousands of kilometres from anywhere lies Point Nemo, a watery grave where space stations go to die

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At the furthest point from any landmass on earth, and 4km under the sea, lies the space cemetery. When their outer space journeys come to an end, old satellites, rocket parts and space stations are sent to this desola...

The post-Trump supreme court: where hard-won rights die in darkness

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It began with a whimper, and ended in a bang. Last Tuesday night, as the clock struck midnight, a booming silence engulfed the US supreme court in Washington – and with it an extreme new anti-abortion law was allowed ...

Hiking trail where California family was found dead closed due to ‘unknown hazards’

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A popular national forest in California has closed trails near where a couple, their baby and the family dog were found dead last month. Pointing to “unknown hazards found in and near the Savage Lundy trail”, official...

The Guardian view on the quantum world: where facts are relative

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The American physicist Richard Feynman thought that “nobody understands quantum mechanics”. That is no longer true. Smartphones, nuclear plants, medical scans and laser-operated doors have been built with insights fro...

MPs seek answers from Home Office over hotel where Afghan boy died

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Sheffield’s Labour MPs have demanded an independent review looking into what the Home Office knew about the safety of the hotel where a five-year-old Afghan boy fell to his death from a ninth-floor window. Mohammed Mu...

Waar sou ek wees sonder my groepklets? Ter lof van my Whatsapp -groep

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My WhatsApp ketting, het ses jaar gelede met drie vriendinne begin, was my reddingsboei gedurende hierdie bisarre jaar. Ok goed, dit was my reddingsboei pre-pandemie, ook, want ek is die ma van drie kinders jonger as vyf en 'n jaar oud..

Texas draws criticism with plan to lure tourists to sites where Indigenous people were banished

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This story was published in partnership with the Texas Observer. Texas, which exterminated or displaced most of the Indigenous people in the state, now wants to cash in on them. While lawmakers support legislation th...

Fires rage around the world: where are the worst blazes?

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Wildfires are raging across Europe and North America as scorching temperatures and dry conditions fuel the blazes that have cost lives and destroyed livelihoods. The combination of extreme heat and prolonged drought h...

Bournemouth’s Scott Parker: ‘We need to be humble and understand where we are’

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“The other 23 teams in this league,” says Scott Parker, breaking into laughter, when asked what the biggest challenge is facing him at Bournemouth. “I believe in what I’ve got, I believe in my staff, in my players but...

Caroline Dubois wins on historic stage where female athletes rarely tread

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The clay dohyo ring had made way for a sprung floor, the judges preferred T-shirts and jeans to ceremonial kimono, en, overhead, a boom camera rotated in the space usually reserved for a wooden roof resembling a Shin...

Women in UK Covid hotel quarantine will have female guards where possible

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Women quarantining in UK hotels will have female guards wherever possible, the government has said, after several claims of sexual harassment by members of security staff. The announcement comes after Labour demanded ...

The UK has been linked to Congo’s ‘conflict minerals’ – where are the criminal charges?

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According to the Swiss federal criminal court last week, the corruption destroying the Democratic Republic of the Congo – where devastating conflicts over minerals used in our electronics have killed more than six mil...

Where UK aid cuts bite deepest – stories from the sharp end

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Bukola Onyishi was delighted when she found out that the British government was going to help her realise a dream in one of the poorest parts of Nigeria. With a grant agreement that was meant to last for three years, ...

Me and my Guardian: ‘Without the Guardian l would not be where l am today’

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I recall in the mid-sixties campaigning for a more balanced newspaper “offer” in the library of my boarding school (hardly a bastion of left-of-centre thinking!), to counteract the predictability of the Times, Express...

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