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GB’s wheelchair rugby champions relish spotlight after Paralympics award

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The success of Great Britain’s wheelchair rugby team is helping to shift the perception of Paralympians away from being “super heroes” and towards being seen simply as elite athletes, according to one of the team’s st...

Caught in a blame game over my lost £3,000 wheelchair

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I am a sporty wheelchair user and rely on an adapted Segway to reach the great outdoors. This was “lost in transit” by UPS on its way to a repair five months ago. It’s worth several thousand pounds and I’m stuck witho...

Dutch delight in women’s wheelchair doubles, Reid wins British bronze battle

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The Netherlands have won every women’s doubles gold medal in wheelchair tennis since it was first introduced to the Paralympics in 1992, and Britain’s Lucy Shuker and Jordanne Whiley could do nothing about that record...

Tokyo Paralympics 2020: canoe, wheelchair tennis, shooting and more – live!

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ParalympicsGB stun US to win wheelchair rugby gold for first time

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If this felt like a big, impactful moment then it was surely appropriate. Wheelchair rugby, the sport of smashing and grabbing and sprinting and crashing, is an iconic Paralympic event. It’s a sport of danger and cunn...

Dana Mathewson: Wheelchair tennis star plots Paralympic breakthrough

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Sports by nature to many, can be seen as simply a game, mere entertainment at that. To some, it’s a wonderful activity to maintain or improve physical health. To others, it’s the adrenaline rush they gain from competi...

"Perdimos todo": El capitán del equipo de baloncesto en silla de ruedas afgano habla

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Cuando los talibanes entraron en Kabul, Nilofar Bayat, la capitana de la selección nacional femenina de baloncesto en silla de ruedas de Afganistán, sabía que tenía que salir. "Había tantos videos de mí jugando baloncesto. Yo había estado activo i ...

Wheelchair rugby league’s James Simpson: ‘I want them to be inspired’

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To many of those who know him best, James Simpson is an inspiration. A superhero, even. But in his own words: “I’m simply James Simpson the rugby player.” It is a remarkable show of humility from a man who will be one...

‘I wasn’t leaving in a wheelchair’: Johnson-Thompson on Olympics agony

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Katarina Johnson-Thompson, who saw her Olympic heptathlon dreams ended when she tore a calf muscle while in medal contention, says that refusing to get in a wheelchair despite being in huge pain was a last gesture of ...

I’m a father in a wheelchair – which comes with its own unique fears

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It took a few years, even after they had learned to talk, for my daughters to notice my wheelchair or ask me about it. Children are amazing that way. They don’t discriminate at a fundamental level. When my oldest, Poe...

Actor Ruth Madeley describes how taxi driver took her wheelchair after row

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Actor Ruth Madeley has told how a taxi driver took her wheelchair away after an argument outside a London train station. The Bafta nominee, who starred in the BBC One drama Years and Years, said the man refused to dro...

Girl who uses wheelchair deemed to have no mobility concerns by NDIS independent assessment

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A nine-year-old girl who sometimes uses a wheelchair was described as not having mobility concerns in a report prepared for the National Disability Insurance Scheme trial of independent assessments. As debate continue...

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