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Hanya Yanagihara: ‘I have the right to write about whatever I want’

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Hanya Yanagihara’s debut novel taught her not to give up her day job as a travel writer and editor. The People in the Trees was the story of a scientist jailed for sexually abusing children he adopted during his Nobel...

AJ and Curtis Pritchard: ‘Whatever happens on his side of the door stays on his side of the door’

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Born in Stoke-on-Trent, AJ and Curtis Pritchard have established themselves as the hard-grafting good guys of reality TV. Spending much of their childhood and teens working as professional dancers and representing Bri...

‘You do whatever you can to keep going’: Middle Kids and Rüfüs Du Sol on touring the US amid Covid

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The Australian music industry has had another difficult year, with the Covid-19 Delta variant and multiple lockdowns in Australia’s biggest population centres derailing the recovery that many had hoped for. Although ...

Whatever happens next in Afghanistan, a humanitarian catastrophe is already in train

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In recent days, a ferocious wave of fighting has enveloped Afghanistan as the Taliban take more and more territory from the Afghan government. The developing situation makes it extremely difficult to predict how the c...

Whatever Johnson says, we can’t defeat Covid with ‘personal responsibility’ alone

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At a time when Covid cases in Britain stand at some 25,000 per day and are doubling every nine days or so, the government has chosen to lift nearly all remaining Covid measures. Boris Johnson stressed in a press confe...

Whatever Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ means, it isn’t about Britain’s shocking poverty levels

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Rattling through a lexicon of lies at prime minister’s questions is so routine that few bother to call out Boris Johnson any more. Besides, on Wednesday all attention was on the vendetta playing out elsewhere in Westm...

The Rules of Revelation di Lisa McInerney recensione – qualunque cosa sia successa al ragazzo antipatico?

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Niente alza la pressione sanguigna del tuo autore medio come la questione dei personaggi simpatici. Da quando Amazon ha democratizzato l'arte della recensione del libro, un numero qualsiasi di recensioni a una stella ha acceso Patrick Bateman, Giuda ...

Tim Dowling: whatever the vet thinks, my cat is not called Graham

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When I wake, my left eyelid is heavy and sore to the touch, as if I had been punched the previous evening. I don’t recall this happening, but I suppose short-term memory loss could be another symptom. Maybe I’m in a m...