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Wetherspoon’s short on some beers as Brexit affects deliveries

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The pub chain Wetherspoon’s is experiencing shortages of some beer brands, including Carling, Coors and Heineken, amid a Brexit-induced shortage of delivery drivers and industrial action. Parent company JD Wetherspoon...

Wetherspoon’s sales below pre-Covid levels as older customers stay away

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Wetherspoon’s has suffered a slump in sales below pre-pandemic levels, which the pub chain’s chairman, Tim Martin, blamed on older customers staying away because of lingering caution about the danger of Covid-19 infec...

Wetherspoon’s struggles to find staff in some parts of England

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JD Wetherspoon said it was struggling to find staff in some parts of England as the pub chain counts the cost of the coronavirus pandemic, reporting a record loss of almost £200m. The founder and chairman, Tim Martin,...