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Check mates: how chess saved my mental wellbeing

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My grandfather was a man with a tut as loud as a dropped plate. He’d deploy it whenever you fell short in some way: a length of the pool finished too slowly; a garden bed not weeded well enough; a portion of vegetable...

Peng Shuai appearance fails to address concerns for tennis star’s wellbeing, says WTA

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The Women’s Tennis Association said an appearance on Sunday by Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai did not address its concerns about her wellbeing. Peng said on Sunday that she had never accused anyone of sexually assault...

Las personas se 'microdosis' de psicodélicos para mejorar el bienestar durante una pandemia

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La pandemia ha visto un cambio hacia los consumidores de drogas recreativas que toman pequeñas dosis de psicodélicos., como el LSD y los hongos mágicos, para mejorar su bienestar y salud mental, un destacado experto en adicciones ha dicho. Peop ...

From boosting your mood to helping you focus: why water works wonders for your wellbeing

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What if you woke up tomorrow and found a miracle product had been invented? A great elixir that not only energises you but helps improve everything from your digestion to heart health and brain function. Oh, and it ca...

Pinterest to launch new features to help with ‘emotional wellbeing’

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Pinterest will offer users the chance to riff on Jennifer Lopez’s Halloween costume as it launches new products to emphasise its appeal to “emotional wellbeing” amid a storm of negative publicity surrounding social me...

Facebook must prioritise children’s wellbeing, Zuckerberg is told

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Facebook has lost the trust of parents, is prioritising commercial gain over children’s needs and must take steps to restore faith in its platforms, a global alliance of child protection campaigners and experts has wa...

Necesidades fundamentales: las vacaciones de bienestar se recuperan para abordar la "postura pandémica"

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A las 8 de la mañana, Seis mujeres y un hombre saludan al sol en un aireado granero en Sussex.. Están enfocados en su respiración., visualizar sus órganos internos y dejar ir los pensamientos intrusivos. Yo soy uno de ellos. Pero estoy luchando ....

Las pruebas primarias de Sats en Inglaterra "no parecen dañar el bienestar de los niños"

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Las pruebas nacionales a las que se someten los alumnos de Inglaterra en el último año de la escuela primaria no parecen perjudicar la felicidad o el bienestar de los niños., según una investigación de University College London. A medida que crece la preocupación por los niños ....

Interoception: the hidden sense that shapes wellbeing

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If you’re sitting in a safe and comfortable position, close your eyes and try to feel your heart beating in your chest. Can you, without moving your hands to take your pulse, feel each movement and count its rhythm? O ...

ABC checking on presenter’s wellbeing after expletives shouted during Adelaide news bulletin

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An ABC radio presenter shouted an expletive twice during a late-night news broadcast in Adelaide before being abruptly taken off the air. The national broadcaster has said it is investigating the incident and making s...

Manchester schools to launch study into children’s wellbeing after Covid

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An unprecedented study into the wellbeing of British children is to be conducted across Manchester’s schools, as new research suggests two-thirds of parents believe it should be prioritised over academic attainment. T ...

Noticias en directo de Covid del Reino Unido: women have suffered more harm to their wellbeing during pandemic than men, says ONS

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Últimas actualizaciones: women more likely to be furloughed and spend more time on unpaid housework and childcare but men were more likely to die from Covid, dice informe

Pupil wellbeing must be priority, teachers say as classrooms in England reopen

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Schools will prioritise pupils’ emotional and physical needs when classrooms fully reopen tomorrow, as two major reports warn of a crisis in children’s wellbeing and in the opportunities to play with their friends. H ...