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In Youth Is Pleasure by Denton Welch review – bright glimpses of a lost existence

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In few writers are the life and the work so commingled as with Denton Welch – who died in 1948 at the age of 33 – or so simultaneously interesting and restricted. His life began as one of relative privilege and expans...

In the city where Colston’s statue toppled, there are signs a culture war can be averted

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It’s been a year since the infamous statue of Edward Colston was toppled – a year in which the aims of the Black Lives Matter protesters have mutated into a continuing culture war whose battlegrounds have included sta...

Long overdue barriers broken down as Rebecca Welch makes EFL debut

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Harrogate is the home of cream teas, sulphur springs and now, a spot of Football League trailblazing. After more than 200,000 league matches in England, a woman has finally officiated an EFL game – and the handful of ...