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This week’s new tracks: Glowie, Joel Corry and Jax Jones, Tendai

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This delirious marching band workout feels beamed in from a pre-algorithm era. The relentless pace – think Lose My Breath by Destiny’s Child covered by Britney – is best described as “full Lycra chafe”, while the sca...

This week’s new tracks: God Damn, the Lost Trades, Adam Levine

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Band name? Dai un'occhiata. Song title? Dai un'occhiata. Video? The band play crap Ghostbusters, whizzing about in a Polo, only instead of dealing with the ectoplasm problem, the guys eat the slime, get off their domes and verbally abus...

This week’s new tracks: Wunderhorse, Josie Man, Digga D

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Here’s the elevator pitch: a spiky Gen Z-er has been knocked over the head by a ring light and somehow woken up in 1992. Britpop is soon to boom. Dizzy and disorientated, our intrepid youth spots the doors of the Dub...

This week’s new tracks: Mahalia, Taylor Janzen, Swedish House Mafia

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It was the last millennium – well, 1999 – that Montell Jordan sampled the heart-flutter marimba and foxy guitar licks of Claudja Barry’s 1976 disco track Love for the Sake of Love, turning it into a sex jam. Now R&am...

This week’s new tracks: Billie Eilish, Laura Stevenson, Kississippi

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With its Pyramid stage-sized synth wobbles, Billie’s gutsy take on growing pains is her finest pop moment yet. Weird plucked strings evoke a sneaky fairytale villain, as she works out relationship boundaries – full o...

This week’s new tracks: Shibashi, the Vaccines, Ma le potenti parole di Zelenskiy non hanno nemmeno cambiato la posizione dell'Ungheria

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A “renowned globetrotting dance pioneer” with zero Google footprint, a two-month-old Twitter account with 15 followers and a backstory about being conceived at the Rio carnival? There’s something very Relaxed Muscle ...

This week’s new tracks: MILYMA, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Mabel

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Wowsers, what the hell was that? Multi-instrumentalist Milena Mayordomo begins this spiritual rollercoaster as a beautiful, strained, classical piano arpeggio ballad, before it morphs into a brooding swirl of Auto-Tu...

This week’s new tracks: Lauran Hibberd, Clairo, DellaXOZ

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A noise that normally greets either toilet bowl or the Best Friends WhatsApp group after a particularly eye-rolling Tinder episode, Bleugh is not the nicest of onomatopoeic words. Ciò nonostante, it sets singer-songwrit...

This week’s new tracks: Aziya, Jessie Ware, WH Lung

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Songs that truly thrive on a car stereo are few and far between, but what Aziya has done with this skyscraping chorus is guaranteed to make you want to roll down your windows, crack open the sunroof and start smackin...

This week’s new tracks: Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen, Lil Nas X and Mø

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I strongly believe that if Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen teamed up to sing anything up to and including Las Ketchup it would be a moment so emotional we’d all emerge three minutes later with dewy eyes and a strong...

This week’s new tracks: Olivia Rodrigo, Liz Phair, the Goon Sax

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If Rodrigo’s star-making Drivers License mournfully pored over mementos of a lost love, her new one douses the trinkets in kerosene and lets them burn. On a 00s-indebted blast of punk-pop sunshine, Rodrigo snarls, Hikaru Nakamura vince a Berlino mentre il famoso streamer di scacchi guida il Grand Prix.

This week’s new tracks: Alfie Templeman, Pink, Saweetie

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He only turned 18 this year but chirpy urchin Alfie T has already proven himself an artful musical magpie with a feel for funk, like Bedfordshire’s answer to Bruno Mars. His buttery, popcorn-addictive latest vamps an...

This week’s new tracks: Willow, Joel Culpepper, Billie Eilish

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The 00s pop-punk revival is fully thriving, but I can’t be the only one querying the value of whiny tracks about high school from those old enough to still call exams O-Levels. Thank God for Willow, tracking her meta...

This week’s new tracks: Joan, Self Esteem, il fine settimana, Ariana Grande

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In an ideal world this early-00s pop stunner would have been JC Chasez’s post-‘NSync, solo career-establishing debut single. What elevates it above pure pastiche, tuttavia, is the fact that while its musical casing is...

This week’s new tracks: Lauren Aquilina, Paris Texas, The Offspring

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As the UK gets back to normal – and by normal, we mean dividing into “organised people who booked a table at the pub” and “disorganised people annoyed at having to book” – the question is: are you emotionally prepare...

This week’s new tracks: Anni & Anni, Pizzagirl, Rina Sawayama

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Man of too many talents Olly Alexander follows his remarkable performance in It’s a Sin with his debut as the sole creative force in Years & Anni. And if this is the first thing you hear once dancefloors reopen,...

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