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Red Fred’s redemption and a treble for Chelsea’s women – Football Weekly

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Max Rushden word saam met Barry Glendenning, Barney Ronay, Troy Townsend and Suzanne Wrack to discuss the Premier League and the Women’s FA Cup Final How to listen to podcasts...

The Spin: subscribe to our weekly cricket newsletter

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Let our team of writers be your guide to the cricketing world, as they analyse the big stories, revisit the week’s matches and other happenings, and look further afield. Sign up below to start receiving The Spin in yo...

Cheerio Carrick and Bernardo Silva magic – Football Weekly Extra

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Max Rushden word saam met Barry Glendenning, John Brewin and Ed Aarons to analyse another dramatic round of midweek Premier League action How to listen to podcasts: everything...

Republicans accused of Islamophobia? Politics Weekly Extra – podcast

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Rep Lauren Boebert was recently filmed saying she experienced a ‘Jihad squad’ moment with the Muslim Rep Ilhan Omar. The party leadership hasn’t rebuked her, and some colleagues are defending her words. This week Jona...

How to tackle misogyny in football – Football Weekly Special

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Max Rushden word saam met Barry Glendenning, Ally Simcock, Suzanne Wrack and listener Sarah to discuss the experiences of women at football matches How to listen to podcasts: ...

Can the Republican party escape Trump? Politics Weekly Extra – podcast

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Hierdie maand, 13 House Republicans crossed party lines and voted in favour of Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill. This prompted anger from colleagues, voters and the former president Donald Trump. And the Republican leader...

City slickers, Kitmas and Thiago breaks the internet – Football Weekly Extra

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Max Rushden, Barry Glendenning, Philippe Auclair and Jonathan Fadugba discuss the Champions League, while Paul Watson joins to talk Kitmas How to listen to podcasts: everythi ...

A United front, the Blues cruise and orange ball alert – Football Weekly

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Max Rushden word saam met Barry Glendenning, Nicky Bandini, Lars Sivertsen and Sid Lowe to cover the latest in the Champions League groups How to listen to podcasts: everythin...

Word Kamala Harris deur die Amerikaanse president vermy? Politiek Weeklikse Ekstra – podcast

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Nadat verslae uitgekom het wat daarop dui dat die vise-president onderbenut word, die Withuis het die naweek tot haar verdediging gekom. Jonathan Freedland en Lauren Gambino bespreek die verskillende gerugte wat Biden en Harri omhul..

Wales’ World Cup dream and Stockport’s FA Cup magic – Football Weekly Extra

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Max Rushden is joined by Jonathan Liew, Ben Fisher and John Brewin with Elis James offering his thoughts on Wales’ World Cup hopes How to listen to podcasts: everything you n...

Wêreldbeker-kwalifikasie, Gerrard by Villa en meer – Football Weekly Extra

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Max Rushden word saam met Barry Glendenning, Elis James en Jim Burke om die komende Wêreldbeker-uitdunne te voorskou en jou vrae te beantwoord. Plus, Suzy Wrack is byderhand om die Women's Champions League te bespreek ...

Ronaldo skryf oor United se krake en Conte arriveer by Spurs – Football Weekly

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Max Rushden, Barry Glendenning, Nicky Bandini en Jonathan Liew bespreek die Champions League en Antonio Conte wat by Spurs oorneem Hoe om na podcasts te luister: alles wat jy ...

Slow burn: inside the 5 November Guardian Weekly

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Few regions on Earth are more central to hopes of reining in global temperature increases than the Middle East. Financed by the west’s insatiable demand for fossil fuels, cities filled with air-conditioned skyscrapers...

Crystal Palace het Manchester City verstom en Nuno is in die middel van die pod afgedank – Football Weekly

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Max Rushden word saam met Barry Glendenning, Jonathan Wilson en Jordan Jarrett-Bryan om Manchester City en Liverpool se punte by die huis te bespreek - voordat hulle reageer (middel-peul) tot Tottenham se afdanking van Nuno Espíri ...

The man who sued Trump for incitement: Politiek Weeklikse Ekstra – podcast

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In the aftermath of the 6 January attack on the Capitol, Donald Trump was impeached and acquitted for a second time. Jonathan Freedland talks to Congressman Eric Swalwell who talks about what a special select committe...

Manchin thwarts Biden’s climate plan: Politics Weekly Extra

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As Joe Biden gears up for his trip to Glasgow for the Cop26 summit, Senator Joe Manchin continues to try to water down the reconciliation bill, which as it stands includes transformational provisions to stem the adver...

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