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US weekend storm: snow and ice forecast as far south as Georgia

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Forecasts of snow and ice as far south as Georgia have put a big part of the south-east of the US on an emergency preparedness footing. Shoppers scoured store shelves for storm supplies and crews raced to treat highwa...

Notizie Covid in diretta: Rio de Janeiro cancels Carnival parade for second year; Delhi imposes weekend curfew

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Indian capital ordered to stay at home over coming weekends; Rio de Janeiro mayor calls off world-famous Carnival parade due to an increase in Covid cases

Omicron dashes high streets’ hopes of bumper weekend before Christmas

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Shoppers have pulled back from UK high streets in the crucial final weekend of shopping before Christmas, figures reveal, as the retail and hospitality sectors continue to struggle amid fears over the spread of the Om...

UK high street footfall drops ahead of busiest shopping weekend of the year

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Visits to high streets and shopping centres have fallen ahead of what is traditionally the biggest shopping weekend of the calendar, con un 20% fall in central London footfall on Thursday prompting forecasts of a “mut...

UAE cuts working week and shifts weekend back a day

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The United Arab Emirates is cutting its working week to four-and-a-half days and moving its weekend from Friday-Saturday to Saturday-Sunday in a major shift aimed at improving the country’s competitiveness, funzionari ...

Thanksgiving weekend travel poised to approach pre-Covid levels

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Thanksgiving holiday travel in the US is expected to reach near pre-pandemic levels, with industry insiders predicting that 53.4 million people will hit the road over the long weekend, paragonato a 47.1 million in 20...

No dramas: superhero movies and their opening weekend cash cows crowd out realistic films

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It was not a shock to hear Jane Campion become the latest in a growing line of high-profile directors to announce her dislike of superhero films. But the issue is not just about taste – it is about money and how the m...

SpaceX aims to fix leaky toilets before astronauts blast off at weekend

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SpaceX is facing toilet troubles in its capsules before it launches more astronauts into space. The company and Nasa want to make sure the toilet leaks will not compromise the capsule launching early on Sunday from K...

‘Nervous giddy excitement’: relieved Melbourne residents enjoy weekend out of lockdown

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From St Kilda to Coburg the traffic is heavy in Melbourne for the first time in months. The bars are filling up and friends are having long hugs as the world’s lockdown capital sheds its Covid restrictions and opens u...

Il 20 best recipes for the weekend

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Nigella Lawson’s American pancakes or Florence Knight’s ’nduja tortilla? Perhaps add in a side of Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley’s brilliant green shakshuka, or Lara Lee’s mouthwatering crispy ginger potatoes. Your OFM f...

A taste of Provence on a weekend break at the Collobrières chestnut festival

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It was 8am and as I opened the hotel window to let in the day, the cool autumnal air brought with it the aroma of roasting chestnuts: Collobrières’ festival was under way. I was in the Var, Provence’s most unspoiled d...

‘The cover is like a piece of art in itself’: 32 years of Guardian Weekend magazine

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Nel 1988, Guardian editor Peter Preston was feeling jealous. The recently launched Independent had a new supplement on Saturday. Edited by the late Alexander Chancellor, it was shot artfully in black and white, and was...

Dream on! The surprising health benefit of a weekend lie-in

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Nome: The weekend lie-in. Età: As old as the weekend. Aspetto: An unmoving lump under a duvet, with the sun shining on it. Ah! What a guilty pleasure. Apparentemente, you shouldn’t feel any guilt. Because you’re uncon...

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