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Covid Qld: Brisbane and Queensland coronavirus restrictions for Easter holiday weekend explained

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Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the end of a snap lockdown in response to the Brisbane Covid outbreak, but some coronavirus restrictions were expanded to the entire state in time for the Easter publ...

UK shoppers flock back to the stores as bumper retail weekend looms

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Shoppers are expected to flood to high streets and shopping centres in England and Wales this weekend after a bumper week, particularly for clothing and homewares sales, as people make the most of the reopening of non...

Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family kick off birthday fundraising weekend

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Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family said they felt “incredibly emotional” on what would have been the war veteran’s 101st birthday on Friday, but were pleased to see his legacy going strong as they launched a fundraising w...

FA Cup final and Premier League: 10 talking points from the weekend

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Of all of the post-match scenes, as the emotion ran wild through the Leicester ranks, was anything more touching than when the club’s chairman, Top Srivaddhanaprabha, was led onto the Wembley pitch by Kasper Schmeiche...

"Emoción vertiginosa y nerviosa": Los residentes de Melbourne aliviados disfrutan el fin de semana fuera del encierro

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De St Kilda a Coburg, el tráfico es intenso en Melbourne por primera vez en meses. Los bares se están llenando y los amigos están teniendo largos abrazos mientras la capital del encierro del mundo se deshace de sus restricciones de Covid y abre u ...

New Zealand west coast hit by heavy floods after month of rain falls in one weekend

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New Zealand’s west coast has been hit by severe flooding, with a local state of emergency declared and thousands evacuated from their homes. The latest floods arrived in the aftermath of heavy rains and storms over th...

What links Play Misty For Me with Reservoir Dogs? El cuestionario del fin de semana

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1 What is the only mammal wholly covered in scales?2 What began in Thomas Farriner’s bakery?3 Admah, Zeboim and Zoar: which two are missing?4 Which American journalist is buried at the Kremlin Wall?5 Which professiona...

How Vampire Weekend guided me into fatherhood

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Vampire Weekend has always been there for me. The evolution, on their first three albums, from the youthful naivety of campus life to late-20s world-weariness and existential angst, was in step with my own rhythms. Di...

Weekend lockdown in Paris would be ‘inhumane’, says mayor

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The mayor of Paris has described as “inhumane” plans to force the city into weekend lockdowns to combat the continuing spread of Covid-19. Anne Hidalgo has vehemently opposed government plans to shut down the city and...

Premier League and Old Firm Derby: 10 talking points from the weekend

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“We decide when you play.” That was the warning handed out to Manchester United by the fans who invaded the club’s training centre during the week the European Super League was formed and then expired. It was one they...

Coronavirus en vivo: UK airports set for busiest weekend since pandemic; clashes at Sydney anti-lockdown protests

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Thousands of travellers will leave the UK this weekend as school holidays begin for millions

The gift of a heron provoked which war? El cuestionario del fin de semana

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1 Which conflict was provoked by the gift of a heron at a banquet?2 Qué 1983 release is the bestselling 12-inch single ever?3 Where is the Great Green Wall being grown?4 In digital transactions, what is an NFT?5 Whos...

New Delhi placed under weekend lockdown as Covid wave worsens

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New Delhi has been placed under a weekend lockdown as India faces a ferocious new coronavirus wave, con más que 200,000 fresh daily cases and families clamouring for drugs and hospital beds. Hopes that South Asian ...

Jackie Stewart’s Weekend of a Champion embodied Monaco glamour

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Amid the high life and hedonism of the fast lane, Formula One has long fetishised the glamour of the Monaco Grand Prix. Yet for Sir Jackie Stewart the spectacle played second fiddle to focusing on the unforgiving real...

What links Diana Ross, Audra McDonald and Andra Day? El cuestionario del fin de semana

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1 Which French chemist was guillotined for selling adulterated tobacco?2 Which bear is named after an Alaskan island?3 Who was known as the London Bach?4 What is Scotland in Scottish Gaelic?5 Which TV programme’s orig...

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