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SpaceX aims to fix leaky toilets before astronauts blast off at weekend

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SpaceX is facing toilet troubles in its capsules before it launches more astronauts into space. The company and Nasa want to make sure the toilet leaks will not compromise the capsule launching early on Sunday from K...

Soñar en! El sorprendente beneficio para la salud de una estancia de fin de semana

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Nombre: El fin de semana acostado. Envejecer: Tan viejo como el fin de semana. Apariencia: Un bulto inmóvil debajo de un edredón., con el sol brillando sobre él. Ah! Que placer culpable. Aparentemente, no deberías sentirte culpable. Porque no eres ....

UK high street footfall drops ahead of busiest shopping weekend of the year

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Visits to high streets and shopping centres have fallen ahead of what is traditionally the biggest shopping weekend of the calendar, con un 20% fall in central London footfall on Thursday prompting forecasts of a “mut...

sin papel: episode one of a new podcast

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Ease into the weekend with our brand new podcast, showcasing some of the best Guardian and Observer writing from the week, read by talented narrators.In our first episode, Marina Hyde reflects on another less than ste...

David Squires on … drones, ghost ships and a weird Premier League weekend

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Our resident cartoonist recalls some strange goings-on in the English top flight’s latest round of fixtures

‘The cover is like a piece of art in itself’: 32 years of Guardian Weekend magazine

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En 1988, Guardian editor Peter Preston was feeling jealous. The recently launched Independent had a new supplement on Saturday. Edited by the late Alexander Chancellor, it was shot artfully in black and white, y era...

Becky Hill: Only Honest on the Weekend review – a conveyor belt of blandness

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In a recent Guardian article that touched on the role of albums in the streaming era, the former head of Virgin EMI described them as an “artist appeasement tool”. It’s a crude way to look at the artform, but in the c...

New Zealand west coast hit by heavy floods after month of rain falls in one weekend

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New Zealand’s west coast has been hit by severe flooding, with a local state of emergency declared and thousands evacuated from their homes. The latest floods arrived in the aftermath of heavy rains and storms over th...

Jackie Stewart’s Weekend of a Champion embodied Monaco glamour

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Amid the high life and hedonism of the fast lane, Formula One has long fetishised the glamour of the Monaco Grand Prix. Yet for Sir Jackie Stewart the spectacle played second fiddle to focusing on the unforgiving real...

sin papel: Marina Hyde, Charlie Brooker and voice note etiquette

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In this week’s episode, Marina Hyde on oligarchs in London (1m35s), Zoe Williams interviews Charlie Brooker (9m07s), Annie Lord discusses the pros and cons of voice notes (19m11s) and Luke Winkie investigates the Crim...

Weekend podcast: Marina Hyde, Adwoa Aboah and ‘goblin mode’

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In this week’s episode, Marina Hyde on why Metropolitan police officers pulled out all the stops to protect an oligarch’s London mansion (01m17s), Hadley Freeman talks podcasts with Ira Glass (09m57s), Kari Paul inves...

Dinos: what are your travel plans for this bank holiday weekend?

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What were your travel plans for this bank holiday weekend – the first opportunity many of us have had to visit grandparents and loved ones who live further away? What impact have these new No-Go zones had on your arra...

Stonewall Inn stages Pride weekend boycott of Anheuser-Busch beer

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The owners of the Stonewall Inn in New York City say they will not serve some beers at the famous LGBTQ+ bar during Pride weekend, to protest against manufacturer Anheuser-Busch’s political contributions to some polit...

"Emoción vertiginosa y nerviosa": Los residentes de Melbourne aliviados disfrutan el fin de semana fuera del encierro

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De St Kilda a Coburg, el tráfico es intenso en Melbourne por primera vez en meses. Los bares se están llenando y los amigos están teniendo largos abrazos mientras la capital del encierro del mundo se deshace de sus restricciones de Covid y abre u ...

Clima del Reino Unido: warm Easter weekend expected with highs of up to 22C

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The UK is set for warm weather ahead of Easter Sunday after experiencing the hottest day of the year so far. The mercury hit 23.4C (74.1F) in St James’s Park in central London on Good Friday afternoon, the Met Office ...

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