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SpaceX aims to fix leaky toilets before astronauts blast off at weekend

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SpaceX is facing toilet troubles in its capsules before it launches more astronauts into space. The company and Nasa want to make sure the toilet leaks will not compromise the capsule launching early on Sunday from K...

'Senuweeagtige opgewondenheid': verligte inwoners van Melbourne geniet die naweek buite toesluit

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Van St Kilda tot Coburg is die verkeer vir die eerste keer in maande swaar in Melbourne. Die kroeë raak vol en vriende kry lang drukkies terwyl die wêreld se toesluithoofstad sy Covid-beperkings afskaf en u oopmaak..

Die 20 best recipes for the weekend

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Nigella Lawson’s American pancakes or Florence Knight’s ’nduja tortilla? Perhaps add in a side of Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley’s brilliant green shakshuka, or Lara Lee’s mouthwatering crispy ginger potatoes. Your OFM f...

A taste of Provence on a weekend break at the Collobrières chestnut festival

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It was 8am and as I opened the hotel window to let in the day, the cool autumnal air brought with it the aroma of roasting chestnuts: Collobrières’ festival was under way. I was in the Var, Provence’s most unspoiled d...

‘The cover is like a piece of art in itself’: 32 years of Guardian Weekend magazine

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In 1988, Guardian editor Peter Preston was feeling jealous. The recently launched Independent had a new supplement on Saturday. Edited by the late Alexander Chancellor, it was shot artfully in black and white, and was...

Dream on! The surprising health benefit of a weekend lie-in

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Naam: The weekend lie-in. Ouderdom: As old as the weekend. Voorkoms: An unmoving lump under a duvet, with the sun shining on it. Ah! What a guilty pleasure. Apparently, you shouldn’t feel any guilt. Because you’re uncon...

Dorset with a hint of Finland: sustainable tourism on a weekend break

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“Adders … Keep to the path.” Now there’s a sign to grab attention on a carefree saunter in the Dorset countryside. I study the winding pine needle-strewn trail and mossy rocks at my feet hoping to eyeball a lethargic ...

Catalans Dragons storm past St Helens to take League Leaders’ Shield at Magic Weekend

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Catalans Dragons made history in the most dramatic fashion with a 31-30 golden-point victory over the champions, St Helens, to clinch the Super League Leaders’ Shield at the Magic Weekend in Newcastle. The French side...

Becky Hill: Only Honest on the Weekend review – a conveyor belt of blandness

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In a recent Guardian article that touched on the role of albums in the streaming era, the former head of Virgin EMI described them as an “artist appeasement tool”. It’s a crude way to look at the artform, but in the c...

Bank holiday weekend travel warning as fine weather forecast for UK

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People seeking a bank holiday getaway in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are being warned to avoid major roads before 7pm as holidaymakers look to take advantage of good late summer weather forecast for much of th...

Premierliga span nuus, oordragte en meer: naweek aftelling - regstreeks!

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David Squires on … the Premier League’s big opening weekend

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Washington and Oregon brace for brutal weekend as new heatwave arrives

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A sense of déjà vu hung in the air as Washington and Oregon faced scorching temperatures in the midst of the region’s second major heatwave this summer. With temperatures in cities across the Pacific north-west expect...

What links Jessica Lange, Naomi Watts and Fay Wray? Die naweek vasvra

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1 What was first published in Dutch as Het Achterhuis in 1947?2 Which town is named after a martyred king of the East Angles?3 Why is bacterium ideonella sakaiensis a hope for the environment?4 Which band has had No 1...

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