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Indian couple float to their wedding in a cooking pot along flooded streets

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An Indian couple have arrived for their wedding in unusual style after sailing through the flooded streets of their town in a cooking pot after heavy rains wrecked havoc in the southern state of Kerala. Footage shared...

Pick the wrong degree and even wedding bells are less likely

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You’ve got to choose carefully what you study at university because the subject determines what you go on to earn. Men taking creative arts degrees on average earn less than if they hadn’t done the course, while those...

Andy Murray celebrates wedding ring’s return with crushing Indian Wells win

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Andy Murray, reunited with his wedding ring, played some of his best tennis as he beat Adrian Mannarino in their first-round match at Indian Wells. The former world No 1 had left his ring tied to shoes which he put ou...

Gone missing: the groom’s wedding suit

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I am getting married at the end of this month. In the middle of August, my best man and I visited the Moss Bros store on Oxford Street to hire our wedding suits. It all seemed to be fine, and we were advised that deli...

Jared Polis becomes first sitting governor to marry in same-sex wedding

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Jared Polis has become the first openly gay governor in the US to marry in office. The Colorado governor and Marlon Reis, his partner of 18 jare, hosted an intimate traditional-styled Jewish wedding surrounded by clo...

Head over heels: why an Abba obsession is as Australian as Muriel’s Wedding

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When Abba announced their first new album in 39 years last week, Benny Andersson said the band’s most memorable concert experience was their first Australian gig: in torrential rain in Sydney, in 1977. “It still sits ...

How can I approach my best friend’s wedding when I am so worried about her future happiness?

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My best friend is getting married in a few months and I am so sad. We have known each other since childhood, and while it is true that I probably hold too high standards for my loved ones, her fiance seems like a poor...

‘We love everybody’: the French drag couple making non-traditional wedding dresses

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On the third floor of a typical Alsatian building in Strasbourg, a door opens on to a bright atelier, dotted with mannequins draped in bridal wear. This is where James and ViviAnn Du Fermoir-de-Monsac live and work, d...

The Snow Line by Tessa McWatt review – strangers at a wedding

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Four people arrive for a wedding in Pathankot, Punjab, one year on from the 2008 financial crash. They are an elderly white man, Jackson, and three others: Yosh, a yoga teacher; Monica, a Canadian-born amateur photogr...

Diana’s wedding dress goes on display at Kensington Palace

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Fashion fans and royal followers will be able to get a closeup look at the dress that Diana, Princess of Wales, wore on her wedding day in 1981. The gown, with its 25ft sequin-encrusted train that dramatically filled ...

Mystified by Catholic church’s blessing for Boris Johnson’s wedding

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I worked for 10 years as a Roman Catholic priest in south London and was obliged to leave the ministry when I met Clare and we decided to get married (Catholics question why Boris Johnson was able to marry in church, ...

Nicola Jennings on Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds’ wedding – cartoon

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Boris Johnson may not be able to afford a fancy wedding – but you can bet he’ll have one

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I used to think I understood what a posh sensibility looked like: what curtains the upper class favoured; what they ate, drank and wore. They have weird pockets of tightness – orange juice is a special-occasion drink ...

UK wedding industry fears collapse if Covid rules not eased in June

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Wedding businesses are increasingly nervous about the future and bosses have warned the UK industry is on the brink of collapse if restrictions are not eased in June, after it was reported Boris Johnson was waiting un...

Taffeta with no tantrums: How we created Diana’s fairytale wedding dress

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For David Emanuel, the memories are always close to the surface. Straightening the veil, smoothing ruffles of ivory silk taffeta, whispering “a few sweet things” to Diana Spencer before she walked down the aisle in St...

Hear me out: why The Wedding Planner isn’t a bad movie

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Full disclosure: part of the reason I wanted to write this piece was to give myself an excuse to watch The Wedding Planner again. Not that I need to – I’ve watched this movie so many times that I insert quotes from it...

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