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California wildfires: weather conditions worsen threat to giant sequoia trees

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Hot and dry weather on Sunday added to the challenges facing California firefighters battling to keep flames from driving further into a grove of ancient sequoias, where the base of the world’s tallest tree has been w...

UK weather: flood warnings as heavy rain hits parts of England

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Warnings have been issued for potential flooding in central and eastern parts of England amid downpours that caused transport disruption in London. As vehicles struggled through flood water on Tower Bridge in the capi...

UK weather: parts of England could hit 30C before arrival of thunderstorms

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Temperatures are to reach up to 30C in parts of the UK on Tuesday, with an official heatwave likely to be recorded in England before thunderstorms arrive in the south-west. Conditions were forecast to be in the mid-to...

UK weather: ‘little blast of summer’ forecast after soggy August

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After weeks of soggy weather, temperatures are expected to soar in parts of the UK next week. The south-east is predicted to experience the hottest weather, with the mercury rising to 28C thanks to warm air sweeping i...

Climate crisis likely creating extreme winter weather events, says report

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The climate crisis has not only been leaving deadly heatwaves and more destructive hurricanes in its wake, but also probably creating extreme winter weather events, according to a new report released on Thursday by th...

Weather disasters ‘stronger and more frequent than in 1970s’

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Weather disasters are striking the world four to five times more often and causing seven times more damage than in the 1970s, the United Nations weather agency has said. But these disasters are killing far fewer peopl...

Bank holiday weekend travel warning as fine weather forecast for UK

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People seeking a bank holiday getaway in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are being warned to avoid major roads before 7pm as holidaymakers look to take advantage of good late summer weather forecast for much of th...

‘Fire weather’: dangerous days now far more common in US west, studie bevind

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The hot, dry and windy weather conditions fueling the huge wildfires that have besieged the western US this summer have increased in frequency over the past 50 jare, a new study has found. Since 1973, global heating ...

Britse weerswaarskuwing as donderstorms om die risiko van oorstromings te veroorsaak

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Byna die hele Engeland en die grootste deel van Wallis en Noord -Ierland sal waarskynlik Saterdag deur donderstorms getref word, het voorspellers gesê. Die metkantoor het 'n geel waarskuwing uitgereik vir swaar buie en donderweer, watter ko ...

The Guardian view on Poland’s hot political summer: changing weather

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At a glance, it has been business as usual this summer for Poland’s conservative-nationalist government. There has been a fierce row over attempts to introduce a disciplinary system to keep judges in line. A controver...

Summer of fire: blazes burn across Mediterranean with more extreme weather forecast

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Hundreds of fires are burning across the Mediterranean, displacing thousands and causing irreparable damage as human-made climate change causes record-breaking summer heatwaves. With very high temperatures expected in...

Fire-friendly weather returns as second largest blaze in California history burns

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Firefighters battling the second largest wildfire in California history faced a return of fire-friendly weather, as the thick smoke that held down winds and temperatures from the scenic forestlands picked up. The chan...

Dixie fire: cool weather slows raging California blaze as attention shifts to PG&E role

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As relatively cool temperatures and higher humidity slowed the Dixie fire raging across northern California on Saturday, attention shifted to the role an already disgraced utility company may have played in the gigant...

California’s largest wildfire explodes as hot weather threatens new blazes

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California’s largest wildfire exploded again after burning for nearly three weeks in remote mountains, with officials warning that hot, dry weather threatened to further stoke the flames. Officials warned that the hig...

Die IMF keur inspuiting van $ 650 miljard goed om lande te help om pandemie te weerstaan ​​- sake regstreeks

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Roldekking van die nuutste sake- en finansiële nuus

UK weather: thunderstorms pose flood risk in England and Wales

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Thunderstorms and torrential downpours could cause flooding across parts of southern England and Wales. The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for storms on Monday that covers areas including Cardiff, Glou...

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