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Patience wears thin at Norwich as Daniel Farke seeks right formula

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Norwich City are the only football team in all four English professional divisions not to have any points. That’s fewer than Oldham Athletic, who are bottom of League Two and have protesters carrying coffins outside B...

Nico Ali Walsh wears gift from grandfather Muhammad Ali in debut win

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Nico Ali Walsh, the grandson of former heavyweight champion and boxing legend Muhammad Ali, defeated Jordan Weeks by technical knockout in his professional boxing debut on Saturday. Middleweight fighter Ali Walsh is t...

Fit in my 40s: an ice bath feels great (once the agony wears off)

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The ice bath found its modern pioneer in a man called Wim Hof. An inspiringly beardy gentleman with 1.9 million followers on Instagram, he proselytises cold exposure as part of a suite of self-improving exercises; yog...

Cruella review – De Vil wears Prada in outrageous punk prequel

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Kindly step back and make way for a sensational couple of Emmas: Stone and Thompson. Juntos, they are the highly strung dysfunctional double-act that post-lockdown cinema didn’t know it needed. There’s an unexpected...

Sexy time: why men feel more and more attractive as the evening wears on

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Nombre: Sexy time. Envejecer: Not important, this is all about attractiveness. Are the two not related? No! Bien ... quizás. But that’s not important here. What is important here? It’s more about time. More specifically, what...

He wears short shorts: why are men showing more leg?

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Men’s short shorts, an item of clothing forever caught in the crosshairs of a sartorial culture war between subversive and suggestive and retroactively rugged (think Wham! in the Wake Me Up Before You Go Go video vs B...

Making history in style: Deb Haaland wears Indigenous dress at swearing-in

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Deb Haaland made sure she was making history in style. From head to toe, Biden’s new interior secretary dressed in pieces that honored her Native American heritage when she was sworn in on Thursday: a sky-blue ribbon ...