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Wealthiest Americans pay just 3.4% of income in taxes, investigation reveals

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Between 2014 and 2018, the 25 wealthiest Americans collectively earned $401bn, but paid just $13.6bn – about 3.4% of that – in taxes, according to a bombshell ProPublica investigation into the finances of the wealthie...

It’s time for a new tax on the UK’s wealthiest 1% – arguments against it don’t add up

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As the government raises taxes on working people and plans the biggest benefit cut in the history of the welfare state, many are calling for rich people to pay their fair share. A new net wealth tax could redistribute...

US ranks last in healthcare among 11 wealthiest countries despite spending most

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The US is last on a ranking of healthcare systems among 11 of the wealthiest countries in the world despite spending the highest percentage of its GDP on healthcare, according to a new report from the Commonwealth Fun...

Wealthiest Americans’ tax avoidance – the shock report’s most striking details

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That wealth largely remains in the hands of the already wealthy is nothing new. Income inequality in the US has only increased since the 1980s, far exceeding that of the UK and other G7 nations; upper-income families ...