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Praatperde: shock winner makes waves but Arc misses travelling fans

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The sound of silence is never an entirely satisfying postscript to a big race, not least on a grand occasion like the 100th running of the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, and there can be little doubt that Torquator Tasso,...

Making waves in the Pacific: how Boris Johnson’s Global Britain went rogue

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Life got a little more dangerous last week. It wasn’t due to the pandemic or the climate crisis. It was entirely the result of the conscious choices of men (and it’s nearly always men) gearing up for war. That’s denie...

North Sea oil was battered by Covid, but now faces much deadlier waves

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The UK’s North Sea oil industry may have survived one of the darkest market downturns in history during the Covid-19 pandemic, but the deepest gloom lies over the future of the fossil-fuel industry. Companies are brac...

Paralyzed man’s brain waves turned into sentences on computer in medical first

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In a medical first, researchers harnessed the brainwaves of a paralyzed man unable to speak and turned what he intended to say into sentences on a computer screen. It will take years of additional research but the stu...

The new wave of gravitational waves

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Oor 10 billion-trillion-trillionths of a second into the start of creation in the big bang, the universe is believed to have had a brief but absurdly fast growth spurt. This episode, called inflation, was so catacly...

An oyster: they can hear the breaking waves

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On the oyster’s edge, under the sea, on a rock, a tree root, a bamboo pole, a pebble, a tile or another shell, the bivalve’s cilia – from the Latin for eyelash – are waving. Together, they move water over the oyster’s...

Andrew Cotton: van sy Nazaré-nagmerrie tot die wêreld se grootste golwe weer op die branderplankry - video

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In 2017, groot golf-branderplankryster Andrew Cotton het 'n moontlike loopbaan-einde en lewensveranderende besering opgedoen nadat hy sy rug gebreek het tydens 'n uitwissing in Nazaré, Portugal. Drie jaar later keer hy terug na die ...