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‘It’s absolutely disgusting’: watching George Miller’s rarely seen first film

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A terrible sense of amorality clings like a rash to Mad Max, which is the core reason it’s still shocking to watch today. George Miller’s 1979 classic is considered a violent film but the vast majority of that violenc...

De Gogglebox a videos de reacción de TikTok, ¿Qué hay detrás del aumento de personas que ven personas que ven personas en la pantalla??

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cual disfrutaste mas: viendo a las Leonas ganar la Eurocopa, o viendo a la multitud viendo ganar a las Leonas? es una pregunta rara, sino "videos de reacción": ver a las personas experimentar emociones mientras ven a otros ...

Harry Hill on making TV Burp: ‘Watching every EastEnders omnibus was bloody awful’

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When the Sun’s TV critic Garry Bushell went on holiday, I covered his column and thought it might make a good TV show. The only show that had done something vaguely similar was Bob Mills’s In Bed With Medinner, dónde ...

Whale watching season starts early as humpback population bounces back

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People across Australia’s east coast are catching an earlier than expected first glimpse of breaching humpback whales as they migrate north, and scientists say the reason why is a conservation success story. Whale wat...

Ver menos televisión podría reducir las enfermedades cardíacas, hallazgos del estudio

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más de uno en 10 los casos de enfermedad coronaria podrían prevenirse si las personas redujeran el tiempo que pasan frente a la televisión a menos de una hora al día, investigación sugiere. La enfermedad coronaria se produce cuando se acumula material graso en el interior..

Disgraced Tory MP Neil Parish ‘broke law’ by watching porn in Commons

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Disgraced Tory MP Neil Parish, who resigned his seat on Saturday after admitting he had twice watched pornography in the House of Commons chamber, appeared to have committed a criminal offence which carried a maximum ...

Watching a film about communism, I realised I had been lied to as a child in China

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I was born in north-east China in a province that was particularly heavy-handed with party propaganda. I learned to march in formation before knowing how to write, and maybe even count. Every morning at school started...

Miss travelling around Europe? You may not after watching Us

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Europe has never felt further away from Australia than it does right now. Even though the borders are open, in the uncertain soup of the pandemic (is this the beginning, middle or end?) international travel still rema...

Las restricciones de Covid son poco probables antes de Navidad, pero los datos de visualización de PM "hora a hora"

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Es poco probable que se impongan nuevas restricciones de Covid antes de Navidad en medio de profundas divisiones en el gabinete, pero Boris Johnson advirtió que hay más medidas sobre la mesa., con datos sobre la amenaza de Omicron monitoreados “hora a hora”..

Britons spent third of time watching TV and online videos in 2020

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Britons spent a third of their waking hours watching TV or online videos in 2020, according to research from the media regulator Ofcom that shows how we were driven to our screens during the pandemic. The average UK r...

I’ve been watching Nigel Farage on GB News so you don’t have to. Consider yourself lucky

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Nigel Farage may not be the best-loved emergency service, but as demonstrated by his recent work for GB News, the struggling, consciously patriotic news channel, he is always available, willing to take on jobs most br...

I love watching airport arrivals. The reunions say: life is better now you’re here

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Not everyone likes each other. That would seem to be an uncontroversial take on contemporary society. I won’t waste my word count on examples; you obviously read the newspapers. But you’d be hard pushed to countenance...

Hong Kong man arrested for allegedly booing Chinese anthem while watching Olympics

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Hong Kong police have arrested a man on suspicion of insulting the national anthem, after he allegedly booed the Chinese national anthem while watching an Olympic event at a mall. The 40-year-old man was detained on F...

Powerbrokers of Arab world will be closely watching Tunisia

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In the decade since the Arab spring, the crucible of the uprisings has been where its legacy has been thrashed out. Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, where it all began from mid-December 2010, have remained central to the nar...

‘Eid was very different’: my fortnight watching South Africa descend into chaos

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The past week has been one of the most difficult of my life. My home descended into chaos. Durban, a holiday city with a melting pot of cultures and a diverse range of people who live and work here, came to a standsti...

One of the joys of Euro 2020? Watching casual football fans suffer

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Football is about pleasure and pain, a zero-sum ball game. The level of joy we feel at a goal or a victory is mirrored precisely in the pain of others. This pain is, en un sentido, at the heart of football fandom; for wi...

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