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North Korean leader watches extreme martial arts performance – video

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has watched an extreme martial arts demonstration by soldiers at a military event marking the 76th founding anniversary of its ruling party. In the video aired by the North's state-run ...

Ardern’s Covid lockdown finds favour as New Zealand watches Sydney’s Delta disaster

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To overseas eyes, going into national lockdown over a single case should have been a hard sell, even for an extraordinarily popular prime minister such as Jacinda Ardern. But a disastrous outbreak of the Delta variant...

Can someone fill in Dominic Raab about the news? He only watches it on catchup

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What is the role of foreign secretary in the era of Global Britain? News that Dominic Raab was spotted lounging on a beach in Crete on the day Kabul fell certainly sends a message. The suspicion must be that the posit...

Tokyo waits and the world watches as IOC gambles on the Games again

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As it is now, so it has always been. Eighteen months after the first modern Olympic Games, at Athens in 1896, the entire organising committee resigned en masse because they thought the job was impossible. The country ...

‘We are a petri dish’: world watches UK’s race between vaccine and virus

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Not for the first time in the coronavirus pandemic, the UK finds itself in a unique position. Through a combination of history, biology, mathematics and politics, the country stands alone in pitting an advanced vaccin...

‘Covid casino’ case collapses as police in Canada accused of stealing watches

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A police investigation into an alleged underground casino operating out of a mansion north of Toronto has fallen apart after officers were accused of stealing two luxury watches and planting evidence. Police in Ontari...