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One to watch: John

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Having met at university, south London-based John Newton (drums and vocals) and Johnny Healey (guitar) were initially part of a trio before realising in around 2013 that three was a crowd and they worked together bett...

Míralo en su totalidad: Biden, Johnson y Morrison anuncian Aukus y un acuerdo de submarinos de propulsión nuclear - video

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Los Estados Unidos, el Reino Unido y Australia han anunciado que están estableciendo una asociación de seguridad trilateral destinada a enfrentar a China, que incluirá ayudar a Australia a construir submarinos de propulsión nuclear. Presidente de los Estados Unidos, Joe ...

Sajid Javid updates parliament on Covid-19 pandemic winter plans – watch live

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Health secretary updates parliament on pandemic winter plans, including proposals for booster jabs for over-50s and the option for 12- to 15-year-olds to get the jab

Reloj Samsung Galaxy 4 revisión: el nuevo reloj inteligente de Google

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El Galaxy Watch 4 es el intento de Samsung y Google de combinar esfuerzos y competir con el reloj inteligente de Apple, y se trata de 80% del camino allí. El reloj inteligente Android viene en dos diseños y cuatro tamaños, a partir de ...

Konta ‘didn’t want to watch’ Wimbledon after Covid-enforced withdrawal

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Johanna Konta has opened up about her torrid, Covid-19-affected summer, during which she was withdrawn from Wimbledon on the eve of the tournament as a close contact of an infected team member. The British No 1 then c...

Rookie quarterback watch: Trevor Lawrence struggles as Zach Wilson shines

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It’s an unusual year for rookie quarterbacks. Ordinarily, when a first-round quarterback steps into an organization, they do so in the midst of some sort of rebuild. The rookie is drafted to kick off a new cycle. Y ...

Paul Abbott: ‘I have written two scenes I can’t bear to watch’

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‘I wanted to write a funny forensics show,” says Paul Abbott. “It’s never been done.” Nobody watched Silent Witness for the laughs. Bones only tried to be funny. Wolfe is the award-winning 61-year-old TV writer’s atte...

‘The world needs to stand with us’: UK Afghans watch on as tragedy unfolds

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Not eating, not sleeping, and checking WhatsApp and social media feeds every second has become the reality for many Afghans in the UK. They are frantic with worry but say all they can do is stand by and witness the un...

One to watch: Alewya

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It’s a special sort of artist who can rope in one of the main men in UK jazz on a track that sounds like prog-metallers Tool and is about periods, but Alewya is a force to be reckoned with. That song is The Code, feat...

Luxury watch sales surge as Britons go on spending spree with lockdown savings

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The UK’s biggest seller of Rolex and Omega watches said sales had surged as Britons splashed lockdown savings on luxury watches and jewellery, including wedding and engagement rings. Watches of Switzerland’s UK sales ...

One to watch: Jords

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Jords, AKA Jordan Edwards-Wilks, has been making music ever since buying a £1 microphone from Argos aged 13. He grew up in Croydon, Sur de Londres, during grime’s first coming, listening to Ghetts, Scorcher, Chipmunk an...

Warning after spate of luxury watch thefts by women in southern England

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People in the south of England have been warned to be vigilant if wearing high-value watches or jewellery after a spate of thefts by women approaching older men. Several expensive watches have been stolen in the car p...

One to watch: Martha Skye Murphy

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When Martha Skye Murphy was three, she would stand up on tables and sing at family birthday parties. Her big break came when she belted out Cat Power’s Free in front of her parents’ friend John Hillcoat, who was direc...

One to watch: Kojaque

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For anyone with even a vague interest in Ireland’s music scene, the idea of Kojaque as “one to watch” might seem a little anachronistic at this point. The 26-year-old Dublin rapper and film-maker has been on the rise ...

Enjoy the restored Night Watch, but don’t ignore the machine behind the Rembrandt

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In the late 1970s I lived and worked briefly in the Netherlands. Often, on Sundays, I would travel to Amsterdam, go to the morning concert in the Spiegelzaal of the Concertgebouw, and afterwards walk over to the Rijks...

One to watch: Emma-Jean Thackray

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In the ever-bright constellation of UK jazz players, Emma-Jean Thackray is a supernova. She’s not only a trumpeter but a singer, bandleader, beat-maker, radio host, DJ and now a label head, with her own imprint via Wa...

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