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Sexual violence along pipeline route follows Indigenous women’s warnings

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On May 15, a woman met a pipeline worker at a bar in Minnesota and agreed to go to his house, but when they arrived, there were four other people there and she felt uncomfortable. “She wanted to leave, she tried to le...

Australië regstreekse nuusopdaterings: Greg Hunt sluit die grens na suidelike Afrika in reaksie op Omicron Covid-variant; vyf sterftes in Victoria; nuwe NSW-vloedwaarskuwings

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Die Australiese regering sal na verwagting reisadvies bywerk vir diegene wat na of van lande gaan waar Omicron Covid-variant gevind is

Rising Covid cases in US nursing homes prompts hospital warnings

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Covid cases are rising rapidly among US nursing home residents and staff, causing shortages in admissions, exacerbating bed shortages at hospitals in turn, and in some cases requiring the national guard to be called i...

Michael Flynn ignored official warnings about receiving foreign payments

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Trump’s former national security adviser was warned about taking foreign money as far back as 2014, the Pentagon’s inspector general has found, undermining claims of political persecutionThe defense department inspect...

Coronavirus regstreeks: Britse verslae 8,125 nuwe sake, highest increase since February; Germany to lift travel warnings

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UK also reports 17 deaths as infection rate rises; Germany to update travel guidance for tourists heading to most countries

Johnson defends 1% pay rise despite NHS staff exodus warnings

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Boris Johnson had defended the government’s plan to give health workers a 1% pay rise next year despite warnings that its “shabby” offer could trigger an exodus of NHS staff. The prime minister gave no ground on the i...

Wet weather lashing NSW coast sparks flood warnings

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Heavy rain lashing the New South Wales coast from the Illawarra to the mid-north coast has sparked flood warnings for multiple areas, including greater Sydney and the state’s far west. Up to 100mm of rain fell across ...

Bolsonaro ignored repeated warnings about Covid, ex-health minister says

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Jair Bolsonaro ignored repeated warnings that his anti-scientific response to Covid-19 was leading Brazil down an “extremely perilous path” and putting tens of thousands of lives at risk, the country’s former health m...

Government failed to act over PPE shortage warnings, MPs told

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The government failed to act on warnings that there would be a shortage of PPE equipment in the weeks before the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, a major medical equipment supplier has told MPs. At a hearing of th...

About 2.3m Britons hold cryptocurrencies despite warnings of risk

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The number of UK adults who hold cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin has risen to an estimated 2.3 miljoen, despite warnings from regulators and the head of the Bank of England that people should be prepared to lose all ...

NSW weather live updates: residents west of Sydney told to evacuate amid flood warnings

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SES orders evacuations in the early hours as the Hawkesbury River begins to flood and Warragamba dam spills over. Volg die nuutste opdaterings

Wildfire fighters advance against biggest US blaze amid dire warnings

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Firefighters made progress battling some of the largest fires burning across the west, but dangers of flare-ups and new ignitions remain amid hot, dry conditions that will bake the parched landscape. Nine large fires ...

Oggendpos: new flood warnings, adviser sacked for ‘lewd act’, China sanctions

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It’s Tuesday 23 March and today we’ll be covering all the latest from widespread flooding on Australia’s east coast. There’s more trouble in Canberra with an adviser sacked for a “disgusting and sickening” lewd act. P ...

Australië nuusopdaterings regstreeks: Queensland floods death toll reaches seven, schools closed and travel warnings amid more weather warnings

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Major flood warning issued for Brisbane as thousands of schools closed in Queensland and residents warned against nonessential travel; Frydenberg discusses financial support for Ukraine. Volg die nuutste opdaterings regstreeks

Twitter trials warnings about ‘intense’ conversations

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Twitter users poised to dive into a heated online debate will be warned they are about to enter an “intense” conversation, under a safety trial. The social media platform is testing a feature that drops a notice under...

Western Australian man allegedly set off fake shark warnings with tag removed from great white

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A Western Australian man allegedly used a monitoring tag he removed from a great white shark to set off fake warnings in the Albany area for nearly a month. The 48-year-old allegedly removed the tag from the shark aft...

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