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UK weather: travel warnings issued amid snow, sleet and rain

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Warnings of widespread travel disruption and tricky driving conditions have been issued as snow, sleet and rain swept across large parts of the UK on Thursday. The warnings came as a big chill enveloped all four natio...

Biden and Putin exchange warnings during phone call amid rising Ukraine tensions

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Joe Biden and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin have exchanged warnings over the crisis in Ukraine during a 50-minute phone call that did little to lower the political temperature, according to their governments. Rus...

Implants ‘must carry stronger warnings about cancer risk’

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Lawyers are calling for stronger warnings on breast implants as government figures show at least 88 women in the UK have been diagnosed with cancer linked to the surgery. A small number of women who have implants can ...

Storm Barra: multiple warnings issued for Ireland and UK

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There are warnings of dangerous coastal waves, atrocious driving conditions, travel delays, flooding and potential damage to buildings for when Storm Barra sweeps across Ireland and the UK. Engineers were engaged in a...

Australië regstreekse nuusopdaterings: Greg Hunt sluit die grens na suidelike Afrika in reaksie op Omicron Covid-variant; vyf sterftes in Victoria; nuwe NSW-vloedwaarskuwings

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Die Australiese regering sal na verwagting reisadvies bywerk vir diegene wat na of van lande gaan waar Omicron Covid-variant gevind is

Democrats ‘thank God’ for infrastructure win after state election warnings

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Voters in Virginia and New Jersey this week sounded a serious warning to Democrats, key players in the Biden administration and Congress said on Sunday: the party needs to get things done or it faces disaster in midte...

Western Australian man allegedly set off fake shark warnings with tag removed from great white

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A Western Australian man allegedly used a monitoring tag he removed from a great white shark to set off fake warnings in the Albany area for nearly a month. The 48-year-old allegedly removed the tag from the shark aft...

Forest Green Rovers flash up climate emergency warnings during match

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Forest Green Rovers have brought the climate and ecological crisis into sharp focus by taking the unprecedented step of using their pitchside advertising hoardings to display real-time facts and figures about fossil f...

Waarskuwings duidelik Britse kinder -TV kan verdwyn as subsidie ​​eindig

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Britse kinders kan die volgende Peppa Pig of Bob the Builder misloop as die regering besluit om op te hou om televisieprogramme vir jong gehore te subsidieer, volgens TV -aanbieders van kinders. Hulle waarsku dat baie ...

Twitter trials warnings about ‘intense’ conversations

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Twitter users poised to dive into a heated online debate will be warned they are about to enter an “intense” conversation, under a safety trial. The social media platform is testing a feature that drops a notice under...

Scotland proposes warnings for some class A drug users

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Individuals caught in possession of class A drugs in Scotland could be issued with a police warning rather than facing prosecution, in a significant policy shift announced by the country’s new lord advocate as a direc...

Dangerous weight loss products for sale online with no health warnings

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“Dangerous” weight loss products containing substances that can induce a stroke or heart attack are being sold on websites such as eBay without any health warnings, 'n ondersoek gevind het. The consumer group Which...

Biden under pressure to act on climate crisis warnings

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Goeie more. A stark UN report showing that the US, like the rest of the world, is running out of time to avoid disastrous climate impacts is turning up the heat on Joe Biden, who will be keen to do his part in preve...

Wildfire fighters advance against biggest US blaze amid dire warnings

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Firefighters made progress battling some of the largest fires burning across the west, but dangers of flare-ups and new ignitions remain amid hot, dry conditions that will bake the parched landscape. Nine large fires ...

About 2.3m Britons hold cryptocurrencies despite warnings of risk

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The number of UK adults who hold cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin has risen to an estimated 2.3 miljoen, despite warnings from regulators and the head of the Bank of England that people should be prepared to lose all ...

Coronavirus regstreeks: Britse verslae 8,125 nuwe sake, highest increase since February; Germany to lift travel warnings

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UK also reports 17 deaths as infection rate rises; Germany to update travel guidance for tourists heading to most countries

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