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Notizie in diretta Covid: India reports lowest deaths since mid-March; England parents warned over hoax vaccine letter

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Rapporti sull'India 179 Covid deaths for Tuesday; hoax letter in England aimed at spreading misinformation as 12- to 15-year-olds can now get jab

Lawyers warned Scottish government of danger of defeat in Salmond case

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The Scottish government was warned by its senior lawyers it faced defeat in an ultimately successful legal action by Alex Salmond after a significant potential conflict of interest came to light, previously secret leg...

Expert warned against wrist X-rays used by AFP to prosecute children as adult people smugglers

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An expert radiologist says Australian federal police continued to use wrist X-rays to prosecute children as adult people smugglers after he had given unequivocal evidence of the technique’s unreliability, something he...

Stick to Covid rules as end of England lockdown approaches, public warned

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The public have been warned to keep abiding by Covid rules as the end of lockdown approaches, amid a falling “sense of risk” and fresh data showing increased mingling between households. Before the further easing of r...

New York City warned ‘climate change is here’ as storm floods streets and subway

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Commuters having to wade through waist-deep water on subway concourses, rain cascading directly on to train platforms, desperate motorists rescued by police from their inundated cars – the battering New York City has ...

Athletes warned about speaking out against China at Winter Olympics

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Competitors at the Beijing Winter Olympics will face an “Orwellian surveillance state” in China and could put themselves in danger if they speak out in support of the Uyghur Muslims, human rights and athlete advocacy ...

Tokyo 2020 athletes warned not to use 160,000 free condoms

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The organisers of the 2020 Olympics have repeatedly vowed to put on a “safe and secure” Games during the coronavirus pandemic. But safe sex – or anything approaching intimacy for that matter – will be verboten for ath...

Reform electoral system or keep losing to Tories, Keir Starmer warned

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Keir Starmer is under mounting pressure from Labour activists to make reform of the voting system a manifesto commitment, amid rising public concern about its unfairness and fears that it could leave left-of-centre pa...

Athletes warned to stop hugging each other on Olympic podium

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Athletes have been warned to stop hugging each other on the Olympic podium as such celebrations breach strict Covid rules laid out in the Tokyo 2020 regole. Tutto 12 swimmers from the Australia, Canada and US 4x100m rela...

inchiesta Grenfell: fire chief warned council leader of ‘serious risk’ to residents

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The London fire brigade warned the leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea that refurbishments could compromise fire safety and cause deaths, but he did not pass it on to housing officials in charge of w...

Thousands of NHS workers may quit for better-paid jobs, ministers warned

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The NHS faces a “mass exodus” of thousands of staff to better-paid jobs in pubs, shops and supermarkets as a result of the cost of living crisis, ministers have been warned. Health leaders fear significant numbers of ...

Brexit ‘madness’ will wreck UK steel industry, Tories warned

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The government was on Saturday night accused of dealing a hammer blow to the struggling British steel industry in the name of Brexit and free trade, as a fresh political row blew up over plans to allow more cheap fore...

Feminists warned about America’s abortion crisis for years. We were written off as hysterical

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This was predictable. Infatti, it was predicted. The end of Roe v Wade and nationwide protections for abortion rights became likely in 2016, the night that Donald Trump was elected. It became inevitable in 2018, quando ...

‘A massive policy fail’: CIA warned White House of swift Taliban takeover

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Both the Trump and Biden administrations were warned by US intelligence that the Afghan army’s resistance to the Taliban could collapse “within days” after an over-hasty withdrawal, according to a former CIA counter-t...

UK concert and festival ticket buyers warned insurance may not cover Covid

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Concert and festival ticket buyers have been warned to check the small print before buying insurance to cover cancellations, after a survey found many do not know what cover they are paying for. Research by Which? fou...

UK warned not to replicate Australia’s immigration detention centres

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Two former detainees in Australia’s notorious offshore immigration detention centres have issued a “dire warning” to UK parliamentarians ahead of a vote to replicate these centres this week. They are urging MPs not to...

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