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Grenfell inquiry: fire chief warned ministers of high-rise faults before fire

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The London fire brigade (LFB) commissioner warned ministers about fire risks to high-rise buildings months before the Grenfell Tower disaster, and said residents were being placed at “significant risk” of fires spread...

Find vet before buying pets for Christmas, Britons warned

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People who are considering buying dogs and cats for Christmas are being asked to check if they have access to a vet before they buy due to shortages caused by Brexit and Covid. The British Veterinary Association (BVA)...

Anti-vaxxers using bribery and fake certificates to avoid vaccination, Australian government warned

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The pharmacy and aged care sectors have called for new penalties for vaccination status fraud including bribery, use of fake certificates or stand-in vaccine recipients getting the Covid-19 jab on behalf of an unvacci...

Prince Harry says he warned Twitter boss a day before Capitol riot

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Prince Harry has said he warned Twitter’s boss Jack Dorsey about his platform allowing political unrest a day before the Capitol riot that led to five deaths. The Duke of Sussex made the comments at the RE:WIRED tech ...

Expect 18 more months of rising energy bills, UK householders warned

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The head of Scottish Power has said Britain’s gas crisis will keep driving energy bills higher until 2023, and could leave only five or six of the strongest suppliers standing. Keith Anderson, chief executive of Scott...

Implement ‘plan B’ winter measures now or risk NHS crisis, Johnson warned

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Ministers must urgently implement sweeping “plan B” winter measures or derail efforts to tackle the backlog of 5 million patients, the head of the NHS Confederation warned as the UK recorded its highest daily Covid de...

Government warned not to waste legacy of Birmingham Commonwealth Games

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Success in elite sport has not inspired ordinary Britons to become more active, the government will be told on Wednesday, and it must seize the moment to ensure that the participation legacy of the 2022 Commonwealth G...

Le nazioni ricche hanno avvertito che i colpi di Covid-19 porteranno a un enorme numero di morti a livello globale

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Centinaia di migliaia di persone in tutto il mondo moriranno inutilmente di Covid questo autunno poiché le nazioni ricche danno la priorità ai colpi di richiamo per le proprie persone "altamente protette" invece di condividere le dosi, il capo dell'Oxford...

Father warned police hours before officer Tasered son, inchiesta sente

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The father of an ex-soldier who died after being Tasered warned police hours before the incident that his son, who had post-traumatic stress disorder, was “insane” and needed sectioning, but no welfare check was carri...

Covid live news: India reports lowest deaths since mid-March; England parents warned over hoax vaccine letter

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Rapporti sull'India 179 Covid deaths for Tuesday; hoax letter in England aimed at spreading misinformation as 12- to 15-year-olds can now get jab

Foreign office ‘warned UK-based Hong Kong critics about extradition risk abroad’

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The UK has warned some Hong Kong critics in the UK about travelling abroad, according to high profile human rights advocate Bill Browder, highlighting concerns about the cross-border reach of the Chinese region’s nati...

No 10 warned energy crisis and cuts could plunge households into hardship

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Hundreds of thousands of Britons face a “very, very difficult” winter thanks to rising household costs, No 10 has been warned, as firms said the energy price shock could trigger a three-day week for factories and furt...

Universal credit cut will push 800,000 people into poverty, Boris Johnson warned

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Boris Johnson is warned today that more than 800,000 people risk being plunged into poverty as a result of an imminent cut to universal credit, amid a plot by senior Tories to force the government into a last-minute U...

Feminists warned about America’s abortion crisis for years. We were written off as hysterical

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This was predictable. Infatti, it was predicted. The end of Roe v Wade and nationwide protections for abortion rights became likely in 2016, the night that Donald Trump was elected. It became inevitable in 2018, quando ...

‘A massive policy fail’: CIA warned White House of swift Taliban takeover

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Both the Trump and Biden administrations were warned by US intelligence that the Afghan army’s resistance to the Taliban could collapse “within days” after an over-hasty withdrawal, according to a former CIA counter-t...

UK dog owners warned about thieves staking out parks and luring puppies

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Stalking parks in affluent areas and luring puppies out of gardens with treats are among the methods dog thieves are using, campaigners have said, amid suggestions the government is preparing to clamp down on pet abdu...

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