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UK records warmest day of year as mercury hits 20C in Scotland

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Saturday marked the warmest day of the year so far after parts of the UK saw highs of 20C. The Met Office said the mercury hit 20C in Kinlochewe, north-west Scotland, beating Friday’s high of 17.5C recorded in the Wes...

UK records warmest March day in 53 years with 24.5C temperatures

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More warm weather predicted before mercury dips in time for Easter weekendThe UK recorded its warmest March day in 53 years on Tuesday as temperatures rose above 24C, with the Met Office predicting they could get clos...

UK weather: warmest start to new year on record

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Britain has experienced its warmest new year on record as temperatures rose above 16C (61F). St James’s Park in central London provisionally beat the record with a temperature of 16.2C, het die Met Office gesê. The previo...

Warmest UK New Year’s Day follows record-breaking New Year’s Eve

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The warmest New Year’s Eve on record has been followed by the hottest New Year’s Day, early figures show. Thanks to warm subtropical air flowing from the Azores, temperatures topped 16C at a time of the year when they...