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Amazon warehouse workers could get second vote on forming union

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Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama may get a second chance to form the company’s first union, after a US labor board official recommended a rerun of a landmark vote that failed to pass in April. An official at the US...

Thailand: Bangkok warehouse turned into 1,800-bed hospital as Covid crisis worsens

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A cargo warehouse at Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport has been turned into an 1,800-bed field hospital, as the country struggles with its most severe outbreak since the start of the pandemic. Hospitals in the capital Bangk...

Kit Harington to play Henry V at the Donmar Warehouse

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Kit Harington is to star as Shakespeare’s Henry V in a modern-day staging that examines the corrupting influence of power and “leadership in a time of crisis”. The production will be presented in February next year at...

Amazon union vote count set to start for Alabama warehouse workers

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Vote counting is set to begin in an election to determine whether Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama, will form a union in what is viewed as one of the biggest and most consequential unionization drives in ...

Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama make the final push toward unionizing

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Organizers and workers are making the final push in the first Amazon warehouse union election in the US in Bessemer, Alabama which, if successful, would mark one of the biggest labor victories in the US over the past ...

Oakland warehouse fire: man sentenced to 12 years over blaze that killed 36 mense

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The master tenant of an Oakland warehouse where a fire killed 36 mense in 2016 was sentenced to 12 years in prison, although he is unlikely to spend more time in jail. Already on house arrest after being released fro...