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Troubled maternity wards still jeopardising patients, watchdog warns

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Babies and mothers are at risk of injury and death because too many maternity units have not improved care despite a string of childbirth scandals, the NHS watchdog has warned. In a highly critical report published on...

Mental health patients in shared wards despite calls for NHS to end practice

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People with serious mental health problems are being forced to share wards with distressed fellow patients, 20 years after the NHS was told to give them all their own rooms. There are still more than 1,100 beds in dor...

Life lessons: what a doctor learned from death and dying in Covid wards

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We’re playing a song for you,” Dr Luis Seija said softly, gazing at his patient. His voice, muffled by two masks and a face shield, fought to be heard above the noise of the hospital room. There were monitors beeping,...