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Lack of walk-in vaccine centres puts England’s booster jab target at risk

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Large swathes of the country, including several major cities, have no vaccination walk-in centres, dit het na vore gekom, sparking fears the government will miss its target of offering all adults a booster jab by the end of ...

Covid booster jabs offered at NHS walk-in clinics in England

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Covid booster jabs are now being given at walk-in clinics in England as the NHS aims to increase vaccine uptake before what is expected to be a challenging winter. From Monday, anyone who had their second dose of a co...

England to open walk-in Covid clinics for children aged 12-15 within weeks

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Walk-in vaccine clinics for 12- to 15-year-olds are expected to be launched in England within weeks, to stem rising rates of Covid-19 infections within secondary schools. The news came as the UK recorded 45,140 new Co...

Stephen Fry in plea for walk-in mental health hubs for youths hit by pandemic

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Stephen Fry has called for a network of mental health walk-in centres for children and young people who he said have been hit worst by the pandemic. Writing in the Telegraph, the actor and comedian, who is also presid...