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Waitrose to sell potato milk as demand for plant-based options grows

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Britons already eat potatoes boiled, baked, roasted and mashed but now the humble spud is being milked for all its worth, with potato milk set to be the next big thing. It is tipped as a challenger to big selling alt-...

Waitrose announces further cutback on single-use plastic bags

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Waitrose is aiming to eliminate 40m single-use plastic bags a year by removing them from deliveries and in-store collections. “Bags for life”, which cost 10p, will also be pulled from all major stores and replaced wit...

Wool from Waitrose lambs to be used for John Lewis mattresses

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Unwanted wool from lambs reared by farmers in Wales and south-west England for Waitrose is being turned into environmentally friendly mattresses for John Lewis. Waitrose said farmers were struggling to find buyers for...

Waitrose rated worst online retailer for grocery freshness

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Waitrose has been rated Britain’s worst large online retailer for grocery freshness, secondo la ricerca. The consumer group Which? investigated the quality and longevity of fresh produce from British supermarkets. ...

Hugo Chegwin: ‘Waitrose sent me home to get my David Beckham mohawk cut off’

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A Mitchell and Webb sketch about football; as a non-football fan I related to it so much. The sentiment of it is: football, no one really ever wins; it just keeps going. Superbad. It was so relatable for me. I was th...

Waitrose strikes two-year Deliveroo deal, creating up to 400 lavori

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Waitrose and Deliveroo have struck a two-year partnership for rapid home grocery deliveries after a successful trial of the service. Waitrose said it would expand its Deliveroo service from 40 per 150 shops across the ...