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‘Waiting for a ghost’: the search for dark matter 1km under an Australian town

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Dark matter is flowing through you, right now. This mysterious, invisible stuff makes up more than 80% of the universe, an elusive web of particles that pass freely through matter. To observe it, you have to get rid o...

Reseña de Hervé Télémaque - "Su trabajo está esperando a que un tonto pretencioso lo decodifique"

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No se puede acusar al Serpentine de recitar sin descanso ortodoxias liberales. Una de las pinturas más importantes de su retrospectiva de la obra de Hervé Télémaque celebra la aplastante victoria del conservador Jacques Chirac en ...

NHS ‘on the edge’ with some patients waiting 48 hours for a bed

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The NHS is struggling to cope with growing demand for urgent and emergency care, health officials have warned, with hospitals under the kind of pressure “usually seen at the height of winter”. A&E units across the...

Frustration for New Zealand returnees as Covid quarantine waiting list hits 30,000

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Overseas New Zealanders trying to return home are facing a queue tens of thousands of people long, as the country reopens bookings to cross the border. The country’s borders have been strictly controlled since the beg...

Private hospitals profit from NHS waiting lists as people without insurance pay out

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When Fabien needed to have a decayed tooth removed in May, his dentist told him that he would have to wait up to three years to have it done on the NHS. In disbelief, the 27-year-old from Edinburgh rang 50 dental prac...

‘We’ve got to catch up’: inside an NHS hospital battling a long waiting list

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“Perfect,” says Seana Ruddick. Her single word tells the surgeon Sam Oussedik that the robot-assisted knee replacement he is performing is going well. He is removing the joint using a combination of old-school tools –...

Huge discrepancy in NHS England waiting times for common procedures

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NHS patients enter a postcode lottery when it comes to common hospital treatments such as eye, hip and knee surgery in England – with some areas facing huge backlogs while others have almost none, new research reveals...

Black and Indigenous farmers were promised debt relief. All but four are still waiting

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Black farmers throughout the south call Cornelius Blanding daily to ask when the money might come from the US Department of Agriculture. Updates aren’t coming any other way. Blanding and his staff at the Federation of...

Casi 124,000 patients waiting more than three months for NHS tests in England

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NHS patients are waiting more than three months for tests including MRIs, colonoscopies and heart scans, with overall waiting lists doubling in some parts of England. The number of people waiting more than three month...

NHS doctors know too well how waiting times damage all aspects of patient care

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It’s embarrassing to tell a patient being discharged from hospital that they can’t be seen for months. Or assure them that you will check with the clinic booking team, when you know there is no capacity. It’s demorali...

California promised 100% rent relief for struggling tenants. Most are still waiting

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California’s ambitious program to provide rent relief to every low-income tenant struggling during the pandemic has been plagued by delays and challenges, and some renters who are waiting for the aid to arrive say the...

NHS waiting lists could top 15 million in four years without major rise in capacity

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The waiting list for NHS care in England could rise to 15 million people in the next four years without a significant increase in its current capacity, ministers are warned, amid a cabinet clash over the service’s fut...

Tour de France stage 19: Mohoric bursts clear to keep Cavendish waiting

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Mark Cavendish’s hopes of surpassing Eddy Merckx’s record of 34 career Tour de France stage wins were stymied in the forests of Gascony after a 20-rider breakaway moved clear of the peloton on the flat roads leading f...

Dinos: ¿Es ciudadano de la UE a la espera de que se le conceda el estatus de asentado en el Reino Unido??

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Con una semana antes de la fecha límite de 30 junio, estamos ansiosos por escuchar a las personas que han solicitado el Programa de liquidación de la UE, pero todavía a la espera de decisiones sobre el estado debido a la acumulación de tareas pendientes en el procesamiento de la aplicación del Ministerio del Interior..

Fears for rights of EU citizens still waiting for UK settled status

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Hundreds of thousands of European citizens face legal limbo if the Home Office fails to clear a backlog of more than 300,000 applications before the EU settlement scheme closes at the end of this month. With about thr...

Algunos enfermos de Covid durante mucho tiempo en Inglaterra esperan meses para recibir tratamiento

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Las personas que permanecen con enfermedades crónicas después de las infecciones por Covid en Inglaterra han tenido que esperar meses para las citas y el tratamiento en clínicas especializadas establecidas para manejar el aumento de pacientes con Covid prolongado.. Los parlamentarios llamaron a Ma ...

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