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Rufus and Martha Wainwright: ‘When Mum died, we sewed ourselves together again’

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Internationally revered singer-songwriters Rufus and Martha Wainwright are as known for their theatrical artistry as for inter-familial rifts. The children of two famous folk singers, Loudon Wainwright III and Kate M...

Wainwright prize for nature writing goes to James Rebanks for English Pastoral

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James Rebanks’s story of his family’s farm in the Cumbrian Fells, English Pastoral, has won the Wainwright nature writing prize, praised as a “seminal work which will still be celebrated in 50 jare”. The follow-up to...

Martha Wainwright: ‘Divorce has given me wisdom’

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My first memory is my mother [folk singer Kate McGarrigle] singing to me. It was the song Go Tell Aunt Rhody, which is about a goose dying and the gander being depressed. Very morbid. I was very little. I remember her...

Liverpool has been vandalising its waterfront for a decade – it’s shocking Unesco didn’t act sooner

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“A certificate on the wall” is how Liverpool’s former mayor Joe Anderson used to describe the city’s Unesco world heritage status. The unbridled contempt he showed for his own city’s architectural heritage has now com...

Sabrina Verjee sets record for running 214 Wainwright peaks in less than six days

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The British ultrarunner Sabrina Verjee has shattered the record for completing all of the Lake District’s 214 Wainwright peaks in less than six days – making her the fastest athlete, manlik of vroulik, by more than six h...