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Germany coalition candidates united on lowering voting age to 16

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The three parties on track to form Germany’s next coalition government have been locked in tense negotiations over the future of Europe’s powerhouse. But regarding one seemingly radical issue, they are united – loweri...

Senate Republicans again poised to block sweeping voting rights bill

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Senate Republicans are again poised to block a sweeping voting rights bill on Wednesday, a move that will significantly escalate pressure on Democrats to do away with the filibuster, a Senate rule that has stymied the...

Voting rights veterans share lessons with new generation of activists: ‘Build on the foundation’

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In the early 1960s, Charles McLaurin served as a field secretary for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), laying the groundwork for a massive voter registration drive in Mississippi known as Freedom S...

And then there were 10: Australian bird of the year heads into final tense day of voting

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The cassowary is long gone. So too the sulphur-crested cockatoo, the swift parrot, the shy albatross and the spotted pardalote. Geen, there hasn’t been (another) mass extinction (yet) but the new voting format in the 20...

Die Guardian -siening oor die stemplanne van Labour: 'n kieserskorps bemagtig

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In Brittanje, Daar was 'n moderne neiging om demokrasie meer demokraties te maak. Die afgevaardigde wetgewers wat in Noord -Ierland ingestel is, Skotland en Wallis gebruik proporsionele kiesstelsels om hul kenmerkende pols te weerspieël..

How are Republicans torpedoing voting rights in Texas? An expert explains

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Geseënde Donderdag, When Texas Republicans began crafting sweeping new voting restrictions a few months ago, there was little doubt that they were targeting one place in particular. On their minds was Harris county, die ...

Congress has a massive voting rights bill in its grasp. It must pass it, nou

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Imagine it’s November 2020, and you are 59-year-old Laura Roundine, living on tribal lands in Montana. Days before the election, you’re home-bound after open heart surgery. The reservation has no at-home mail delivery...

Texas governor signs controversial voting restrictions into law

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The Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has signed into law highly controversial new restrictions on voting access, which voting rights advocates say unfairly target people of color and seek to preserve Republi...

Texas’s harsh voting law had one good measure – then Republicans left it out

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Hello Fight to Vote readers, Texas Republicans passed a sweeping elections bill on Tuesday, a measure that imposes substantial new restrictions on access to the ballot in the state. The bill targets Harris county, ho...

Texas legislature gives final approval to sweeping voting restrictions bill

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The Texas legislature gave its final approval on Tuesday to a new bill that would impose substantial new restrictions on voting access in the state. The restrictions would only add to those already in place in Texas,...

‘Democracy will be in shambles’: Democrats in last-ditch effort to protect voting rights

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Democrats are pushing what may be their last chance to hold off voter suppression efforts by Republicans, and say that their control of both the House and Senate is at risk if they do not pass their new legislation to...

Washington voting rights march marks Martin Luther King anniversary

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Theodore Dean marched in Washington DC in 1963, somewhere in the crowd behind Martin Luther King Jr. Exactly 58 years later, he decided to drive 16 hours from Alabama to do it again. “I’m here because I’ve got grandc...

Texas house passes sweeping voting restrictions bill

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The Texas house of representatives has passed a sweeping elections bill that would prohibit 24-hour and drive-through voting, block election officials from sending out absentee ballot applications, impose new identifi...

US House passes voting rights bill, restoring critical provision of landmark law

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The US House of Representatives has passed an update to the 1965 Voting Rights Act, restoring a critical provision of the landmark civil rights law that requires places with a history of voting discrimination to be un...

Texas Republicans revive restrictive voting bill as dozens testify against it

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Texas Republicans brought back their voting bill Monday with no changes as some Democrats returned to the Capitol for the first time since ending their holdout, making it clear that the bill is on track to become law ...

‘Don’t go down without a fight’: Texas Democrats’ effort to block voting restrictions sputters

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A last-ditch effort to stall Texas Republicans from passing sweeping voting legislation effectively ended on Thursday evening after enough Democrats returned to the state capitol in Austin to allow lawmakers to procee...

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