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Liberal MPs yet to concede to teal independents as outcomes hinge on postal votes

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Several Liberal MPs who appear to have lost to independents – including Tim Wilson, Josh Frydenberg and Trent Zimmerman – are yet to concede, as record postal votes leave the incumbents a theoretical path to victory. ...

The PM sees votes in a culture war over trans rights, but this issue must transcend party politics

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Last Sunday saw one of the biggest protests outside Downing Street in years. It wasn’t over Ukraine, or the soaring heating bills some fear will eventually push us into social unrest, or even the growing crisis in Bri...

House votes to hold Trump duo Navarro and Scavino in contempt of Congress

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The House voted on Wednesday to hold two of Donald Trump’s top advisers – Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino – in criminal contempt of Congress for their months-long refusal to comply with subpoenas issued by the House sel...

The latest threat to democracy? A Trump-backed candidate willing to ‘find extra votes’

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Donald Trump will return to Michigan on Saturday for his first visit since November 2020 when he spent the final hours of his presidential election campaign desperately trying to hold on to the state and fend off nati...

Uncompetitive House seats ensure Americans’ votes change nothing

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When millions of American voters head to the polls this autumn to vote for congressional candidates, the vast majority of their votes won’t matter at all. It’s an idea that’s anathema to the very idea of US governmen...

Portugal votes in snap election with far right hoping to gain ground

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Portugal is voting in a snap general election that is unlikely to result in a majority government but which could lead to the far-right Chega party becoming the third largest group in parliament. Sunday’s election was...

Lo primero: Cámara de Representantes vota a favor del desacato al ex asistente de Trump, Meadows

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Buenos dias. La Cámara de Representantes votó para recomendar cargos por desacato criminal contra Mark Meadows, el exjefe de gabinete de Donald Trump, una semana después de que terminó su cooperación con el panel investi ...

Canada votes to ban LGBTQ ‘conversion therapy’

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Canadian lawmakers have passed a motion banning the discredited practice of “conversion therapy”, in a rare show of unanimity in the country’s parliament. A surprise motion on Wednesday by the opposition Conservatives...

Jefe de los Juegos Olímpicos de Río sentenciado a 30 años de prisión por comprar 2016 votos

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Carlos Arthur Nuzman, el jefe del Comité Olímpico Brasileño durante más de dos décadas, ha sido condenado a 30 años y 11 meses de cárcel por supuestamente comprar votos para que Río de Janeiro albergue la 2016 Juegos Olímpicos...

West Hollywood votes to set highest minimum wage in US

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West Hollywood will provide the highest minimum wage in the US after the city council voted to raise pay in the city to $17.64 una hora. The wage hike will start taking affect in January for some workers and will gradu...

Cámara vota para mantener a Steve Bannon en desacato criminal

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Buenos dias, en un 229 a 202 votar ayer, la Cámara encontró al aliado de Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, en desacato criminal al Congreso por su negativa a cumplir con una citación emitida por el comité selecto que investiga el asunto..

UN human rights council votes to end Yemen war crimes investigation

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Bahrain, Russia and other members of the UN human rights council have pushed through a vote to shut down the body’s war crimes investigations in Yemen, in a stinging defeat for western states who sought to keep the mi...

‘They don’t include Native voices’: tribes fight to ensure their votes count

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In a small unadorned conference room in the North Dakota state capitol, Collette Brown, a representative for the Spirit Lake Nation, stood up on 26 August to testify on behalf of the 7,559 members of her federally rec...

Gavin Newsom’s political fate in balance as final votes cast in California recall

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Californians will decide on Tuesday whether to keep Gavin Newsom in office as a recall election that has left the Democratic governor fighting for his political life draws to a close. The gubernatorial recall effort i...

Norway votes – but is Europe’s biggest oil giant ready to go green?

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Norway goes to the polls on Monday in parliamentary elections that are forcing western Europe’s largest oil and gas producer to confront its environmental contradictions. Climate issues have dominated the campaigning ...

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