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Voters wary of early federal election, Melbourne on alert after Covid outbreak – politics live

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A majority of voters think a sprint to an early election would be opportunistic, according to the latest Guardian Essential poll. Follow live updates

Arizona voters baffled by Kyrsten Sinema: ‘she betrayed us’

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Allie Young believed in Kyrsten Sinema. Her vote helped elect the seemingly progressive Democrat from Arizona to the Senate in 2018. But she wonders what happened to Sinema when she got to Washington. Young, a voting ...

Voters still unlikely to trust Labour with spending, party warned

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Voters blame local Labour councils for austerity and see voting Conservative as a chance for change – and are still unlikely to trust Labour with spending – a new pressure group has cautioned. The warnings come from a...

‘People want answers’: Boris Johnson’s apology lands flat with Bolton’s swing voters

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When Boris Johnson addressed MPs an hour after the release of Sue Gray’s redacted report, he will have hoped his apology would travel far beyond the Commons chamber and reached places like Tonge Fold, on the outskirts...

Boris Johnson: the power to oust this charlatan lies with voters

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Jonathan Freedland’s analysis (Scandal upon scandal: the charge sheet that should have felled Johnson years ago, 30 April) is as timely as it is forensic, reminding the electorate that the prime minister is a serial l...

Tory triumphalism will anger voters facing empty shelves and a fuel famine

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If a week is a long time in politics, 24 months is an eternity. Tories are gathering in Manchester highly conscious that their party last met for an in-person conference two tumultuous years ago. Since he last strutte...

Macron and Le Pen battle to win over ‘politically orphaned’ French voters

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Emmanuel Macron is engaged in the battle of his career to persuade leftwing voters – many of whom have taken to the streets to oppose his government over the past five years – to turn out next Sunday and give him a se...

German voters’ view of personal wealth causes problems for the left

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It is a country with levels of wealth inequality more similar to the United States than France, and one where the richest 10% of the population already owned two thirds of the national wealth before the pandemic furth...

Voters in west divided more by identity than issues, survey finds

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People are divided more deeply by identity than by issues, according to a survey that suggests culture wars are fuelled mostly by partisanship and that voters have more in common than many think. The YouGov-Cambridge ...

Woking council accused of discouraging vulnerable voters

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Tory-run borough asking for photo ID to register for proxy or postal votes, though this is not required by lawA Conservative-run council has been accused of potentially shutting vulnerable people out of May’s election...

Voters reject Trump-endorsed Republican in Texas special election

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Jake Ellzey of Texas won a US House seat on Tuesday night over a fellow Republican rival backed by Donald Trump, dealing the former president a defeat in a test of his endorsement power since leaving office. Ellzey’s ...

A court caught Republicans discriminating against Black voters – here’s how

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It has been called a textbook example of discrimination against Black voters in the US. And a ruling on it from the supreme court is expected any day. It isn’t the kind of the explicit voting discrimination, like poll...

Political animal: California governor hopeful greets voters with 1,000lb bear

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The businessman John Cox lost California’s last governor’s race to Gavin Newsom by 24 points. Now he’s back, and this time, he’s got a bear. As Newsom faces a recall election, the Republican has launched a new campaig...

Voters preferred Keir Starmer’s conference speech to Boris Johnson’s address, poll suggests – UK politics live

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Latest updates: polling by Opinium suggests Labour leader’s conference address made a better impression on voters, amid mixed reaction to the PM’s speech

For this NSFW government, it’s the last days of Rome. Do they really still think voters don’t care?

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How long were the last days of Rome? By some estimates, about 200 years, so I hope you’re sitting comfortably after a week in which: a female MP was baselessly branded an exhibitionist; a male MP was accused of watchi...

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