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Richard H Kirk, founding member of Cabaret Voltaire, sterf bejaardes 65

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The influential British electronic musician Richard H Kirk, best known as a founding member of Sheffield group Cabaret Voltaire, is oorlede op ouderdom 65. Mute Records, which released several of Kirk’s solo albums and albums ...

Republican under fire for using ‘Voltaire’ quote actually coined by neo-Nazi

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The Kentucky Republican congressman Thomas Massie was under familiar fire on Monday, after criticising Anthony Fauci with a quote attributed to Voltaire but actually coined by a white supremacist convicted on charges ...

Où est Voltaire? Mystery of Parisian statue solved

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What would the City of Light be without one of its Enlightenment luminaries? Vir 18 months concerned Parisians have missed a statue of philosopher and historian Voltaire, which disappeared from its plinth in August 20...