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TS Eliot prize unveils ‘voices of the moment’ in 2021 shortlist

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“Ten books that sound clear and compelling voices of the moment” make up this year’s shortlist for the TS Eliot prize for poetry. Announcing this year’s contenders for £25,000 prize, writer and chair of judges Glyn Ma...

El fútbol femenino expresa su oposición a la Copa Mundial masculina bienal

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Las voces de todo el fútbol femenino se han convertido en las últimas en criticar los planes de la FIFA para una Copa del Mundo bienal, tendido 13 razones por las que son malas noticias para su juego. Pidiendo un enfoque "equilibrado e inclusivo" t ...

‘They don’t include Native voices’: tribes fight to ensure their votes count

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In a small unadorned conference room in the North Dakota state capitol, Collette Brown, a representative for the Spirit Lake Nation, stood up on 26 August to testify on behalf of the 7,559 members of her federally rec...

‘A poem is a powerful tool’: Somali women raise their voices in the nation of poets

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When Hawa Jama Abdi was eight years old, she got lost in a forest and found herself in the path of a hyena. In her place, many would have run, some would have frozen – but Jama Abdi, the blind daughter of Somali pasto...

US voices concern with Israeli officials about Pegasus revelations

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The White House has raised concerns with top Israeli officials about allegations that spyware sold by Israeli surveillance company NSO Group has been used by governments around the world to monitor journalists and act...

Karaoke fans find their voices again after Covid rules lifted in England

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It has gone from harmless pastime to one of the most dangerous activities during Covid, but with restrictions in England now lifted, sitting in a small enclosed space with friends belting out favourite songs – otherwi...

Germany floods: Merkel voices horror at ‘catastrophe’ amid search for estimated 1,300 missing

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Devastating flooding in Germany has killed nearly 60 gente, with more than a thousand missing in one district alone, as Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed deep sympathy for victims of a “catastrophe” whose extent wil...

Wayne McGregor: ‘Dancers are believing their voices can be heard, and I love that’

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Long before Wayne McGregor became a star choreographer famed for cerebral experimentation and edgy imagination, he was a disco fiend. His earliest inspiration was John Travolta. Not cool, Pulp Fiction-era Travolta, bu...

Just when we need them most, farmers face an unsure future. Let’s heed their voices

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La semana pasada, it was the news that withdrawal of subsidy might mean the end of many UK farms; and that “furious villagers” were incensed by the success of Jeremy Clarkson’s new farm shop in the Cotswolds. Before that, it...

Alun Wyn Jones voices relief as Lions finally kick off but Covid casts shadow

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It has not yet been decided whether the match on Saturday between the British & Irish Lions and Japan warrants Test status. It will not be known for some time, and in many ways this sums up the fixture neatly. El...

El emperador de Japón expresa su preocupación por la propagación del Covid durante los Juegos Olímpicos

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El emperador de Japón ha expresado su preocupación por la posible propagación del coronavirus durante el Tokio. 2020 Juegos Olímpicos, en una intervención inesperada en el debate sobre la celebración de los Juegos en medio de una pandemia. Naruhito, OMS ...

WHO voices concerns over Sputnik V Covid vaccine plant

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The World Health Organization has said it has concerns about the methods used at one plant producing the Sputnik V vaccine, as Slovakia announced it would sell or donate 160,000 de El 200,000 doses it has ordered of ...

BBC Cardiff Singer of the World review – young voices bring a mighty sound

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Gihoon Kim, from South Korea, a most modest personality possessed of a big baritone voice, took the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World’s main prize, the 20th since the competition’s inception. The warm embrace of the Car...

Teenager stabbing: Birmingham suburb voices alarm at ‘worsening’ violence

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“It makes me so angry I’m shaking,” said Luke Wellings, as he paid his respects to 14-year-old Dea-John Reid who was stabbed to death in Birmingham on on Bank Holiday Monday. A large collection of flowers, candles and...

Los Juegos Olímpicos seguirán adelante, dice el jefe de los Juegos de Tokio, después de que el funcionario de Covid expresara preocupaciones

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El presidente de Tokio 2020 Comité organizador de los Juegos Olímpicos, Seiko Hashimoto, ha dicho que los Juegos seguirán adelante según lo planeado, poco después de que el asesor médico de mayor jerarquía de Japón dijera que se celebraba el evento bajo las normas actuales..

Revisión de Drowntown - voces azotadas por el viento en la costa

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El aire se espesa con el sonido del mar, y la niebla de la depresión y la tristeza desesperada. El lugar es una ciudad que se hunde, esa es la costa erosionada y sus habitantes, también. El coreógrafo Rhiannon Faith es uno de los ...

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