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Timid west must draw a line in the sea and break Vladimir Putin’s criminal blockade

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How much longer can the western powers delay decisive action to break Russia’s illegal Black Sea food blockade? The UN warns this reckless maritime siege, now entering its fifth month, threatens “catastrophe on top of...

Vladimir Putin has ‘almost messianic belief in himself’, says Hillary Clinton

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Vladimir Putin has an “almost messianic belief in himself” and does not like critics, especially if they are women, the former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has said.Clinton recalled that she “had some positiv...

Peter the Great statue, Vladimir Putin’s gift to Londoners, damaged in attempted robbery

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A statue of Peter the Great in Deptford, south London, that Vladimir Putin’s government gifted to the UK has been damaged in an attempted robbery, leaving a diplomatically awkward repair bill of thousands of pounds. M...

How Vladimir Putin rejuvenated Nato – podcast

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Finland and Sweden this week formally applied to join Nato after years of non-alignment. Jon Henley reports on how the Ukraine war has given the alliance a new lease of life ...

For Vladimir Putin, the sinister cult of victory is all that is left

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Vladimir Putin was born seven years after the end of the second world war, and raised on the Brezhnev-era myth of the great victory. A man of no great education, he loved to quote Soviet films and old stories. The his...

Joe Biden accuses Vladimir Putin of committing genocide in Ukraine – video

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The US president says Russia is carrying out genocide in Ukraine. Joe Biden first used the word in passing on Tuesday at a domestic policy event in Iowa about the use of ethanol in petrol. 'Your family budget, your ab...

Joe Biden accuses Vladimir Putin of committing genocide in Ukraine

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Joe Biden has accused Russia of carrying out genocide in Ukraine, saying that Vladimir Putin is “trying to wipe out the idea of even being Ukrainian”. Biden has been consistently outspoken in denouncing Russian wholes...

Vladimir Putin insists Russia will achieve its ‘noble’ goals in Ukraine

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Vladimir Putin has insisted that his bloody campaign in Ukraine will continue until its “noble” goals have been achieved, arguing that the invasion was proceeding as planned, despite fierce Ukrainian resistance and he...

Understanding Vladimir Putin, the man who fooled the world

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Vladimir Putin was annoyed – or maybe just bored. The Russian leader had been patiently fielding questions from a small group of international journalists in the restaurant of a modest hotel in Davos. Then one of the ...

Russian far-right politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky dies at 75

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Vladimir Zhirinovsky, an ultranationalist Russian politician who imitated a political opposition to Vladimir Putin for decades while playing the court jester in Russia’s parliament, has died aged 75. The cause appeare...

Vladimir Zhirinovsky obituary

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Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who has died aged 75 after suffering from Covid-19, was an ultra-nationalist Russian politician who used boorish language and behaviour to cultivate an image of being a licensed court jester in t...

Explainer: could Vladimir Putin be prosecuted for war crimes?

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Joe Biden has called for the prosecution of Vladimir Putin for war crimes after the discovery in Bucha, Ukraine, of mass graves and bodies of bound civilians shot at close range. But bringing the Russian president to ...

Vladimir Putin demands Russian gas be paid for in roubles – video

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The Russian president has demanded payment in roubles for Russian gas sold to 'unfriendly' countries from 1 April. The value of Russia's currency fell off a cliff after it invaded Ukraine, and a larger pool of roubles...

Steve Bell on Vladimir Putin and Nato – cartoon

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Why is Vladimir Putin demanding Russian gas is paid for in roubles?

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Vladimir Putin has demanded payment in roubles for Russian gas sold to “unfriendly” countries, setting a deadline of 31 March. It is not clear whether he plans to tear up existing contracts that set the price in euros...

Vladimir Putin ‘cannot remain in power’ Joe Biden says in Warsaw speech

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Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power”, US president Joe Biden said in Warsaw on Saturday in a speech addressing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, a White House official said soon after the speech that Biden was...

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