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UK tourism industry in peril as overseas visitors stay away

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Last year’s boom in British summer holidays was not enough to save thousands of tourism businesses, despite increased domestic bookings to popular places such as Cornwall and the Yorkshire Dales. A survey by the Touri...

Kaws: New Fiction review – an art show where you brush shoulders with virtual visitors

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Por décadas, artists have worked across physical and digital canvases, especially in public installations, where a virtual component can lend a futuristic frisson to traditional works. The current brouhaha about NFTs ...

‘Bridgerton factor’ sends visitors flocking to English stately homes

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Bridgerton, the steamy soap-opera take on Regency England full of decadent costumes, dashing dukes and elegant backdrops, has once again shot to the top of the Netflix charts. And one industry is reaping the benefits ...

Visitors flock to Barnard Castle and other historic sites in England

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The crumbling medieval fortress at Barnard Castle had a record number of visitors last year after gaining notoriety as the destination of Dominic Cummings on a lockdown mission to test his eyesight. Visitors to the 12...

‘The biggest task is to combat indifference’: Auschwitz Museum turns visitors’ eyes to current events

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Piotr Cywiński has spent a lot of time pondering a question that has exercised historians, philosophers and politicians ever since the end of the second world war. What lessons should we draw from one of the darkest p...

Reseña de la Filarmónica de Zagreb/Latham-Koenig: los visitantes croatas aportan energía y encanto

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Reseña de la Filarmónica de Zagreb/Latham-Koenig: los visitantes croatas aportan energía y encanto, Reseña de la Filarmónica de Zagreb/Latham-Koenig: los visitantes croatas aportan energía y encanto, Reseña de la Filarmónica de Zagreb/Latham-Koenig: los visitantes croatas aportan energía y encanto. Reseña de la Filarmónica de Zagreb/Latham-Koenig: los visitantes croatas aportan energía y encanto.

Covid spike leads to Cornwall’s main hospital halting visitors

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The main NHS hospital in Cornwall has been forced to suspend almost all visiting after a “significant” spike in the number of patients with Covid. Eighty-five patients at the Royal Cornwall hospital in Truro have test...

Antarctic visitors threaten world’s largest remaining wilderness

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The first Airbus A340 landed in Antarctica recently using an immense 10,000ft runway carved out of ice, designed to take tourist flights each carrying up to 380 pasajeros. Increasing numbers of visitors are threateni...

‘I can’t wait to hold him’: onboard flight BA001 as US opens to UK visitors

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Por poco 20 months after the US introduced a travel ban, British travellers were allowed into the country on Monday. At Heathrow airport, the first British Airways and Virgin Atlantic transatlantic flights since March 2...

‘Americans are heaven for us’: the surge in US visitors throwing Greece a lifeline

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A fresh wind blows down Adrianou. Seated in front of his rug store on the street that cuts through the heart of ancient Athens, Theo Iliadis takes in the scene. A 47, he’s seen “a lot of bad stuff” in recent years. T ...

Malta’s ban on visitors without two jabs raises fears of tourist restrictions across Europe

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The UK travel industry has described as “confusing” Malta’s surprise decision to ban all visitors unless they are double vaccinated, a development that has raised fears that other European countries will follow suit a...

China locks down Shanghai Disneyland and tests 34,000 visitors after single Covid case

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As fireworks lit up the sky over Shanghai Disney Resort on Sunday, chatter began to spread through the crowds. Qian, a young Chinese woman who’d decided to spend her Halloween at the theme park, saw a Weibo alert from...

Yellowstone had 1m visitors in July alone. That’s unsustainable for US national parks

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National parks have been called America’s best idea, [object Window]. Unlike the castles and cathedrals of Europe, they belong to everyone. They are democracy writ large, where a people otherwise fiercely devoted ...

‘Teething problems’: visitors offered refunds for Marble Arch Mound

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It was supposed to boast glorious views of the capital from a lush, human-made hill in order to tempt shoppers back to central London, but now refunds are being offered to customers who bought tickets for a trip up th...

Spain to drop Covid restrictions on British visitors from 24 Mayo

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Spain will allow British holidaymakers into the country without the need to provide a negative Covid test from 24 Mayo. In a move aimed at restarting the country’s battered tourist industry, the Spanish government has ...

Hostile UK border regime traumatises visitors from EU

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Britain’s hostile regime for potential EU migrants is traumatising visitors caught in its web and provoking further worries for European families receiving visits from relatives, according to accounts provided to the ...

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