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Lake District braces for the return of overnight visitors

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The lockdowns of the last year are estimated to have lost Cumbria £2bn in tourism revenue. But while the Lake District welcomes the return of overnight visitors from Monday for what it expects to be its “busiest summe...

‘High-risk activity’: Ardern advises hospital visitors against sex with patients during Covid

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New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern may have kept her cool through a global pandemic, but a question about a patient and a visitor having sex at an Auckland hospital had the typically unflappable leader strugg...

Se insta a los visitantes de la campiña escocesa a tener en cuenta la vida silvestre a medida que se levanta el bloqueo

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Las cabras salvajes que han estado mordisqueando la hierba nueva alrededor de las cubiertas de glamping en Loch Katrine, en los Trossachs, puede esperar algunos compañeros para cenar este fin de semana, como la tan esperada relajación en las restricciones de viaje a ...

France v Wales: visitors chase Six Nations grand slam – live!

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Trump wax figure pulled from Texas display after visitors attacked it – reports

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A wax figure of Donald Trump has been pulled from the display of a wax works exhibit after visitors keep attacking it, local US media have reported. “When it’s a highly political figure, attacks can be a problem,” sai...

‘Culture without crowds’: UK tourism chiefs tout virtues of fall in foreign visitors

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A “phenomenal” summer of culture in the UK without crowds, queues or inbound tourists beckons, tourism chiefs have promised, as new figures were published laying bare just how bad 2020 estaba. Bernard Donoghue, the direc...

Hostile UK border regime traumatises visitors from EU

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Britain’s hostile regime for potential EU migrants is traumatising visitors caught in its web and provoking further worries for European families receiving visits from relatives, according to accounts provided to the ...

Spain to drop Covid restrictions on British visitors from 24 Mayo

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Spain will allow British holidaymakers into the country without the need to provide a negative Covid test from 24 Mayo. In a move aimed at restarting the country’s battered tourist industry, the Spanish government has ...

Noticias en vivo de Covid: Reino Unido, Alemania e Italia detectan casos de Omicron; Israel prohíbe a todos los visitantes

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El uso obligatorio de máscaras en las tiendas y el transporte se reimpuso en Inglaterra; Anthony Fauci dice que la nueva variante probablemente ya esté en los EE. UU.; Australia se apresura a prevenir un brote

‘Teething problems’: visitors offered refunds for Marble Arch Mound

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It was supposed to boast glorious views of the capital from a lush, human-made hill in order to tempt shoppers back to central London, but now refunds are being offered to customers who bought tickets for a trip up th...

New Zealand to reopen borders to vaccinated visitors from new year

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New Zealand has announced it will reopen its borders to vaccinated visitors in the opening months of 2022, for the first time since prime minister Jacinda Ardern announced their snap closure in the first month of the ...

Malta’s ban on visitors without two jabs raises fears of tourist restrictions across Europe

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The UK travel industry has described as “confusing” Malta’s surprise decision to ban all visitors unless they are double vaccinated, a development that has raised fears that other European countries will follow suit a...

Yellowstone had 1m visitors in July alone. That’s unsustainable for US national parks

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National parks have been called America’s best idea, and for good reason. Unlike the castles and cathedrals of Europe, they belong to everyone. They are democracy writ large, where a people otherwise fiercely devoted ...

‘Americans are heaven for us’: the surge in US visitors throwing Greece a lifeline

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A fresh wind blows down Adrianou. Seated in front of his rug store on the street that cuts through the heart of ancient Athens, Theo Iliadis takes in the scene. A 47, he’s seen “a lot of bad stuff” in recent years. T ...

China locks down Shanghai Disneyland and tests 34,000 visitors after single Covid case

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As fireworks lit up the sky over Shanghai Disney Resort on Sunday, chatter began to spread through the crowds. Qian, a young Chinese woman who’d decided to spend her Halloween at the theme park, saw a Weibo alert from...

Antarctic visitors threaten world’s largest remaining wilderness

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The first Airbus A340 landed in Antarctica recently using an immense 10,000ft runway carved out of ice, designed to take tourist flights each carrying up to 380 pasajeros. Increasing numbers of visitors are threateni...

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