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Pelosi’s ‘reckless’ Taiwan visit deepens US-China rupture – why did she go?

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Roy Blunt lived up his surname when he said this week: “So I’m about to use four words in a row that I haven’t used in this way before, and those four words are: ‘Speaker Pelosi was right.’” The Republican senator was...

What the fallout from Pelosi’s visit means for Taiwan and China

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Things changed this week for Taiwan. When news of a highly controversial visit by the US speaker, Nancy Pelosi, drew threats of reprisals from Beijing, most citizens shrugged. China frequently fulminates over foreign ...

China detiene la cooperación de EE. UU. en una variedad de temas después de la visita de Pelosi a Taiwán

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China ha detenido los lazos con los EE. UU. en una variedad de temas críticos, de las conversaciones sobre la crisis climática al diálogo entre sus militares, tras la visita del presidente de la Cámara de Representantes de EE. UU., Nancy Pelosi, a Taiwán. El anuncio...

China launches missiles into Taiwan strait after Pelosi visit – video

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Footage shows China launching missiles into the waters off Taiwan. Beijing confirmed military drills had started in six areas encircling the island country. Tensions between the two countries increased after the US Ho...

‘Outright farce’: Chinese foreign minister on Pelosi’s Taiwan visit – video

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Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi has described US house speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan as a 'complete farce' at meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) in Cambodia. 'The irreversible hist...

China begins Taiwan military drills after Pelosi visit

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Buenos dias. Taiwan’s army has said it is “preparing for war without seeking war” after China’s military began an unprecedented four days of live-fire exercises near the island’s shores following Nancy Pelosi’s visit...

Truss hits out at China’s ‘inflammatory’ reaction to Pelosi’s Taiwan visit

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Liz Truss has criticised China’s “inflammatory” response to a senior US politician visiting Taiwan and called for a de-escalation ahead of military drills expected over the coming days. Hours after the US House speake...

Pelosi’s Taiwan visit sparks furious reaction from China – video report

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Nancy Pelosi concluded her controversial trip to Taiwan on Wednesday. The US House speaker arrived in Taipei late on Tuesday on an unannounced but closely watched trip, which has drawn condemnation and vows of retalia...

'Alboroto y periodismo amarillo': Los taiwaneses estadounidenses lamentan el miedo de los medios sobre la visita de Pelosi

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La llegada de Nancy Pelosi a Taiwán ha inflamado nuevamente las relaciones entre Estados Unidos y China, con el ejército de China anunciando que realizará ejercicios con fuego real alrededor de la isla y los medios estatales condenando la visita como "estúpida"., imprudente un...

Mood shifts in Taiwan as Nancy Pelosi visit raises fears of war

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At a central Taipei branch of a popular bank on Tuesday, a few clients came to Joseph Chiu, a teller, with an odd request: to withdraw millions of kuai from their accounts. “They worry the bank will close its doors to...

Taiwán y China intensifican la retórica militar ante la esperada visita de Pelosi

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El Ministerio de Defensa de Taiwán advirtió que enviaría fuerzas apropiadamente en reacción a las "amenazas enemigas", mientras China intensificaba su retórica militar el día de una esperada visita muy controvertida a Taipei por parte de EE. UU..

China realiza ejercicios militares frente a Taiwán tras advertir a Pelosi de cancelar visita

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China dijo que estaba realizando ejercicios militares en su costa frente a Taiwán después de advertir a Nancy Pelosi., el presidente de la Cámara de Representantes de EE.UU., descartar posibles planes para visitar la isla democracia. la regla...

US military makes plans for Nancy Pelosi’s potential Taiwan visit

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US officials say they have little fear that China would attack Nancy Pelosi’s plane if she flew to Taiwan. But the House speaker would nonetheless be entering one of the world’s hottest spots, where a mishap, misstep ...

‘Nancy, I’ll go with you’: Trump allies back Pelosi’s proposed Taiwan visit

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Plans for Nancy Pelosi, the US House speaker, to visit Taiwan have prompted opposition from China and the American military but support from Republicans in Washington, including former members of the Trump administrat...

Joe Biden defends human rights record ahead of Saudi visit

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Joe Biden has defended his imminent trip to Saudi Arabia, saying he will not avoid human rights issues on the final leg of his Middle East tour, despite refusing to commit to mentioning the murder of the dissident jou...

I’m being threatened with a visit from the bailiffs over my gas bill. Let them come – I’ve got nothing to give

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I’d like to dedicate this column to Deborah James, who died last week of bowel cancer. It was her work as a campaigner and podcaster that made me realise that I, también, could have a voice – talking about people living i...

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