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Pasquale Grasso: Pasquale Plays Duke review – boggling brilliance from the guitar virtuoso

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When you hear what sounds like two guitars playing together and then discover there’s only one, you can be pretty sure it’s in the hands of Pasquale Grasso. It is generally agreed that this 33-year-old Italian virtuos...

TV stasera: inside the world of prolific guitar virtuoso Frank Zappa

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A hefty documentary attempting to do justice to the depth and breadth of Frank Zappa’s career. Outrageously prolific, and a guitar virtuoso, Zappa caught the first wave of 60s psychedelia but was always uneasy with c...

Janine Jansen: Falling for Stradivari review – violin virtuoso on a mission

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There’s such intelligence and connoisseurship in this documentary about the Dutch violin virtuoso Janine Jansen and her recent mission to record an album with 12 of the most exquisite Stradivarius violins in existence...

The Virtuoso review – Anthony Hopkins on autopilot for dull hitman thriller

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This gloomy – literally so – thriller is set mostly over the course of one night, starting out with a big wodge of voiceover narration by the film’s unnamed hitman protagonist (Anson Mount), all of it using the second...